Strategy of the Tourist Office

2022 > 2027

In 2021, the Tourist Office Bretagne Côte de Granit Rose has renewed its classification in Category 1 as well as the Quality Tourism label. Starting point of a new strategy for the destination for the next 5 years.

Tourism positioning and stakes

This strategy, which we have voluntarily carried out internally with the participation of our tourism professionals, elected officials and teams of the Tourist Office, is a roadmap that will be required to evolve over time by adapting to the context and expectations of our visitors, our professionals and the territory’s offer.

A veritable toolbox, this 2022-2027 strategy will also bring together and federate all of the territory’s stakeholders, defining the tourism organization of tomorrow while conveying our image and values of hospitality.

The strategy revolves around 3 axes of work:

  • AXE 1. Here, our Territory is a tourist destination
  • AXE 2. Here, we bring the destination to life
  • AXE 3. Here, we put together an exceptional offering

Speech by Jean Ollivro

Jean Ollivro, geographer, is a professor at the University of Rennes 2 and also teaches at the Institute of Political Studies in Rennes. An advocate for a reunified Brittany region, he is a specialist in regional planning and development.
Find his talk in the video.

Intervention de Jean Ollivro
Intervention de Jean Ollivro
Intervention de Jean Ollivro