Management Committee

The Tourist Office of Brittany Pink Granite Coast is constituted as an EPIC, Public Establishment with industrial and commercial character, is administered by a Management Committee composed of 78 members equally distributed between the two colleges: the college of elected officials and the college of socio-professionals of the territory.

Organization and composition

of the Executive Committee

Since its creation on 1er January 2010, the Brittany Pink Granite Coast Tourist Office is administered by a Management Committee, which brings together various actors, public or private, responsible for debating and defining the territory’s tourism development strategy in a concerted manner.

Statutory provisions

The statutes of the EPIC provide that this Management Committee is composed of a college representing the elected officials of Lannion-Trégor Communauté (college n°1) and a college representing tourism professionals (college n°2).

  • 21 full members and 21 alternate members within College n°1
  • 14 full members and 14 alternate members within College n°2

The college of socio-professionals

In accordance with the new statutory provisions, the members of the college of socio-professionals are appointed from the eight tourism sectors most representative of the territory.

  • Accommodation sectors: 5 full members and 4 alternate members
    • Hotels
    • Campgrounds
    • Tourist lodging
    • Bed and breakfast
    • Group lodging/holiday center
    • Real estate agencies
  • Heritage sector: 2 full members and 1 alternate member

  • Nautical branch: 2 full members and 2 alternate members per category
    • Sea
    • River
  • Restoration branch: 1 full member and 2 alternate members

  • Trade/craft sector: 1 full member and 1 alternate member
  • Higher education sector: 1 full member and 1 alternate member
  • Art and culture sector: 1 full member and 1 alternate member
  • Leisure sector: 1 full member and 2 alternate members

The college of elected officials

Bénédicte BOIRON, Mayor of Trébeurden and Vice President for Tourism at Lannion Trégor Communauté, was elected President of the Tourist Office on Thursday, October 15, 2020.

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Trébeurden Boiron Benedicte Reframed
Bénédicte BOIRON