Balade en famille à l'Ile MilliauBalade en famille à l'Ile Milliau en face de Trébeurden
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Towards aBreton model of roamingaround the coastal fringe

Ti Hub, accelerating tourism transitions

His mission aims to coordinate innovative tourism development projects, from the creative phases to their implementation, under the cover of transitions. The first object that was entrusted to him, plebiscited by all the Breton partners, is the itinerancy around the GR34.

Innovative roaming

Crossing the needs of hikers with the DNA of the coastal fringe in all its singularities, integrating functional needs, emotional and sensory aspirations, is what allowed the regional cell Ti Hub and its collective of diverse actors to define 78 project opportunities around the GR34® and in particular roaming.

This regional project calls for innovation to meet the needs of itinerants. Thus, tomorrow we could imagine combining roaming and maritime variants on a sailboat, roaming and aperitifs/nights along the water or even roaming and nights in ports…

Cultivating the essential

These projects were presented to about 50 elected officials and local tourism stakeholders at the Planetarium of Brittany on November 22. One could discover projects related to mobility, activities, catering and accommodation, or the aspect of travel preparation and communication.

It is now a question of identifying, among these projects, those that could be deployed on the territory of the tourist office in order to propose an itinerary that is always more functional and meaningful.