Vélektro - vélo à asistance électriqueVélektro le vélo facile. Le vélo à asistance électrique de la Côte de Granit Rose
©Vélektro le vélo facile|L'Oeil de Paco / Jean-François Le Bescond
Where to rent Velek'troby the day or by the week

Where to rent Velek’tro

Vélek’tro, the electrically-assisted bicycle of the Pink Granite Coast is available for rental by the day or by the week in all of our Tourist Information Offices or at the Tourist Office partners. An environmentally friendly way to travel to share an experience on the Pink Granite Coast.

Vélektro le vélo facileVélektro le vélo facile
©Vélektro le vélo facile|Alexandre Kozel

Velek’tro rental


per day

How to rent a Vélek’tro

  • All year round in our tourist information offices: 19 € per day, 89 € per week
  • Rental of trailers and half tandem for children in some offices: 10.50 € per day
  • Charger provided in case of extended rental
  • Deposit of 800 € per bike

    ID to be provided

  • Rental contract and inventory of fixtures
  • Autonomy between 40 and 60 km

    Here it goes

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    Want to go for a family ride, or an outing between experienced cyclotourists, Ici ça roule offers tours to discover, at your own pace, the remarkable sites from Plestin-les-Grèves to Pleubian. Each route presents a level of difficulty, accessibility to trailers and picnic areas to make your bike ride an unforgettable experience on the Pink Granite Coast.

    The guide is sold in our tourist offices and on our online store.

    Price : 5,00 €

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