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Because you’re not just “tourists” and we like to take care of you, the team at the Brittany Pink Granite Coast Tourist Office welcomes you all year long to give you tailored information. First fans of their destination, the local experts live and test everything for you. So, here’s why you absolutely must meet them.

We share our good plans and secret corners

As their name indicates, local experts know their country like the back of their hand, they are real locals who will not hesitate to share with you the life here.
They will tell you about the activities, restaurants, shops… that they have tested and recommend to you because they correspond to your desires.

You will be able to book your visits and excursions

From the excursion to the Archipelago of the Seven Islands to the visit of Tréguier via the Kernansquillec dam, the Tourist Office offers several visits that you will be able to book on site and online. Boat trips, architectural tours, nature outings, meetings with producers, the choice is yours!

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The pleasures of cycling without the hassle! Rediscover the taste of pedaling without the hassle! A wind of freedom thanks to the rental of Vélektro. A must try !

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Even when it’s raining, our team will find an activity you’ll enjoy.
We’ll always find you a “
truc to do.


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You will also be able to use the WIFI for free. Tables and chairs are available for you to sit comfortably. There are also outlets for you to charge your device while you connect.

You have spent a stay on the Pink Granite Coast.

You have visited our tourist information offices. We want at all times to offer you a quality service to better meet your needs and desires. We invite you to give your opinion.

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Very good reception, relevant answers to questions with a smile!

Very welcoming. Gives great advice on hikes and places to discover.

The coast has remained in a wild state preserving the nature. The landscapes are magnificent.

Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Goes out of their way to help you find what you need. Like finding 1 dentist who can see you in an emergency. Well done and thank you

The team

of the Tourist Office

Around Lannion: from the river to the sea

The team’s favorites

Cécile, Audrey, Ella, Marie-France, Marine, Morgane, Gaëlle, Isabelle and Rolf

Book in our tourist offices

  • Go to the Lannion market on Thursdays and then follow Carole on an unusual tour of the town via the artists’ studios.
  • Get some fresh air, accompanied by Toun on a foreshore discovery, seaweed picking or a walk at the Grand Rocher
  • Discover the oldest distillery in France and taste Armoric* whiskey at Warenghem.
  • Buy your fishing card and experience the sport fishing courses on the Leguer, one of the few rivers still hosting a significant population of Atlantic salmon and wild trout.
  • Go to meet the devil on the site of the old dam of Kernansquillec with Gaëlle.

*to be consumed in moderation

Around Trégastel: granites in the plural

The team’s favorites

Ronan, Françoise, Mélissa, Gwennaïg, Yvanne, Gwenaëlle, Emilie, Nicolas

Book in our tourist offices

  • Set sail for a discovery cruise of the 7 islands nature reserve to observe the 23.000 pairs of birds and the thirty or so grey seals that will amaze you.
  • Experience and learn while having fun! The Planetarium of Brittany through its 360° shows introduces you to celestial phenomena, the City of Telecoms immerses you in the heart of a connected world thanks to a wide variety of activities and the Gaul Village makes you enjoy an original fun and educational leisure park. The Radome Park pass allows you to save 20%. Clever, isn’t it?
  • Dive into the heart of the chaos of pink granite and discover the underwater world at the Aquarium of Trégastel. There, anemones, seahorses, rays and aquatic plants open the doors of their kingdom to you. Julien also guides you on the foreshore for the observation of animal life, the explanation of the phenomenon of the tides and the introduction to marine ecology.
  • Live in the heart of Ile-Grande, a night walk by the light of the storm lamp and let Martine tell you about superstitions and unusual characters…
  • In the discreet marsh of Trestel, Claire makes you discover the uses and the benefits of the plants of the seashore.

Around Tréguier: wild coasts and exceptional cultural heritage

The team’s favorites

Alexia, Pauline, Viviana, Karin, Antoine

Bookable at our tourist offices

  • Choose your ride, upstream or downstream, and Sebastien, aboard the Trieux Passenger, shares his passion for the estuary and the river: fauna, flora, notable characters, in this calm and preserved natural setting.
  • Follow our guides:
  • Gwennoline, for a heritage tour of Tréguier
  • Pauline to learn all about the secrets of making local beer at the Touken brewery
  • Viviana, to cross the centuries and remember La Roche-Derrien at the time of the linen dyers
  • Storyteller since 1992, Yvon makes you discover the city of Tréguier in the evening through stories passed down by his ancestors and collected from personalities of the territory.
  • Corentin reveals the history of the site of the Abyss of Plougrescant through its geology and makes you discover through its fauna and flora, the multitude of environments that have been created.
  • In the company of Julien, Keeper-Conservator of the Sillon de Talbert, go back up this arrow of pebbles unique in France. A wild and singular nature reserve of great vulnerability.
  • Shoulder plastic sandals or rubber boots and follow Benoît, oyster farmer. Passionate, he will gladly share with you his job as an oyster farmer… mixing delicacy and extreme conditions!