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How to get around?on the pink granite coast

To move

The Pink Granite Coast offers several solutions to get around according to your needs or desires. Public transport and its multiple lines that circulate all year round. Gentle travel: electrically assisted bicycles and a network of charging stations for electric vehicles are part of an eco-responsible approach.

Vélek’tro, the easy bike

Afraid of climbs on a bike? No need to be apprehensive, with our electrically-assisted bikes, you will be conquered …

Without effort and at a very attractive price, let yourself be seduced by 2-wheeled tourism!
And then the Vélek’tro, it’s eco-friendly! It’s an alternative to mobility with all the values that go with it: active and ethical mobility, well-being and better living. So opt for a gentle, non-polluting, silent and more economical mode of transport.

Discover velek’tro

Public transport

On the pink granite coast


Transports Intercommunaux Lannion-Trégor (TILT) offers a mobility solution to all users in the Community via regular lines and on-demand services.

It includes 8 regular bus lines :

  • line A : Airportt <> Hospital
  • line B : Servel Calvaire <> Collège Coppens
  • line C : Nokia <> Roz ar Gavet
  • ligne D : Lannion <> Ile-Grande
  • ligne E : Lannion <> Trégastel
  • ligne M (Market line) : Rospez/Loguivy-les-Lannion <> Quai d’Aiguillon
  • ligne 30 : Lannion <> Morlaix
  • ligne Macareux : Louannec – Saint Quay-Perros – Perros-Guirec – Trégastel


  •  ligne 25 : Lannion to Pleubian
  •  ligne 27 : Lannion to Tréguier and Paimpol

Electric car

On the pink granite coast

Electric vehicles

The deployment of recharging stations for electric vehicles on the territory aims to provide users and potential purchasers with a first level of recharging infrastructure network; to promote their development and thus reduce emissions linked to the use of private cars; and to send economic and political actors a message of encouragement to develop this new source of sustainable mobility.

Where to plug my car