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The seafood platterIodine in your taste buds

The seafood platter

You can’t imagine a stay in Brittany without treating yourself to a seafood platter, because it is important to indulge yourself, and above all, it is one of the essentials of our region!

Compose your tray

Ingrédients :

  • winkles
  • whelk
  • clams
  • hollow and flat oysters
  • crabs
  • Spider crabs
  • pink shrimp
  • brown shrimps


For more chic trays, you can add langoustines and Breton lobster (Hummm, the best without question!).
Some species can be eaten raw, such as prawns, clams and oysters (be careful with your fingers when opening them), for others you will need to allow for cooking time.
Of course, the composition of your tray will vary according to the season and what you find on the stalls.


What accompaniments?

A good homemade mayonnaise will accompany your prawns, spiders, lobster, … Do I need to remind you of the recipe?
For the oysters, you can choose lemon or a small vinegar/scallion sauce.
And don’t forget that you’re in Brittany, bread with butter is a must, butter ½ salt of course!

What accessories should I bring?

Prefer an oval dish to arrange all your seafood, and even better a base to raise it in the centre of your table. You will need accessories to break your crab claws, dislodge your winkles from the bottom of their shells, or even open your oysters!
And to change your wipes, I offer you a greener solution by making your own fingerrinses. Simply provide as many small bowls as you have guests, fill them with lukewarm water and place a slice of lemon in each bowl. Easy, isn’t it?

You will then need to provide yourself with :

  • nutcracker
  • wrinkles peaks
  • small sharp knives
  • oyster knife
  • finger bowl

Where to buy seafoods ?

You can compose it yourself by buying the shellfish of your choice either from the fish shop or directly from the producer. Very often, they offer to take care of the cooking; even better!
And if you prefer to put your feet under the table, then choose one of our partner restaurants that offer seafood platters on their menus.
All that remains is to choose the right wine to accompany your meal. For myself, I recommend a sancerre or a white burgundy.