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The Sillon de Talbertin Pleubian

Guided tour of the Sillon de Talbert

The Sillon de Talbert, a unique site in Europe

Site of the Conservatoire du Littoral classified in regional reserve. A coastal strip of sand and pebbles extending into the sea over 3.2 km, the Sillon is a geomorphological curiosity unique in Europe because of its size. Of great ecological richness thanks to its extraordinary flora and fauna, the Sillon is an important place for the nesting of species of seabirds (gravelots), the migration and the wintering of numerous waders which makes it a major spot for ornithology in the Côtes d’Armor. Formerly linked to the Olonne islets, constantly in movement, the furrow evolves according to the flows and the resources of sand and pebbles. Like a mineral tongue at the free end.

Commented excursion of the Sillon de Talbert

In the company of Julien, a coast guard, go up the largest spit of shingle in France. There, an incredible point of view on the archipelago of Ollone will be offered to you. The Sillon de Talbert, an exceptional natural site, wild and very vulnerable (as evidenced by the breach that has formed since winter 2018) will reveal itself under your feet. A unique geological site and an inescapable landmark for many species, this remarkable area is full of curiosities to discover.

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practical information

Tour schedule

  • 3-hour tour
  • 6km round-trip walk
  • Starting at the Maison du Sillon
Children – 18 years

Fares 2023

Tour not suitable for children under 14. Site forbidden to dogs from April 15 to September 15.

Where to buy my tickets?

  • on line on this site
  • at the reception of our Tourist Offices

Reservation required/number of places limited.

Means of payment: cash, check, credit card

Please bring walking shoes and clothing suitable for the weather

How to come to the visit

  • Sillon de Talbert – Pleubian
  • Nearby parking lots : Parking lots of Québo (P1) and Porz Rand (P2) located at 5 min walking distance from the Sillon de Talbert (approximately 400m). The access to the Sillon de Talbert from the Porz Rand parking lot is via the GR34 and that from the Québo parking lot is via the rue du Sillon

Tour Schedule 2023

Possible Tours at 09:30 AM:

  • Thursday, April 13
  • Thursday, April 20
  • Thursday, April 27
  • Thursday, May 4
  • Monday, July 3
  • Thursday, July 13
  • Monday, July 17 July
  • Thursday, July 27
  • Thursday, August 10
  • Monday, August 14
  • Thursday, August 31
  • Thursday, October 26
  • Tuesday, October 31

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