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The Pink Granite Coast by electric bikeStay

The Pink Granite Coast without my car

Leave for a few days, take an electric bike and discover the Pink Granite Coast differently! With your nose in the wind and your feet on the pedals, cross Trébeurden, Lannion or Perros-Guirec. Enjoy a unique moment and take the time to cultivate the essential!

3 days

Discover the Pink Granite Coast

by bike

Tréguier & la Côte d’Ajoncs

Set out to discover the site of Tréguier, a charming little city of character with typical Breton architecture. And why not let yourself be tempted by the rental of electrically assisted bicycles from the Tourist Office? A pleasant way to survey the Pink Granite Coast.

The essential step is to discover the site of the Abyss in Plougrescant and its rocks sculpted by the ages, which make anyone who sets foot there capsize! There, the sunsets on the terraces reveal the conviviality of Tregorica.

Discovering the city of Tréguier

Follow our guides through Tréguier for a 2-hour tour.

The Pink Granite Coast

Pedal and arrive at the heart of an iconic site: the Pink Granite Coast, famous for its colorful and sculpted rocks. Go to the Pointe du Château to discover a superb panorama of Tomé Island in Ploumanac’h, the Mean Ruz lighthouse, the Saint-Guirec beach or the Castle of Costaérès!

Hike the Renote Peninsula

Promise yourself on a protected natural area between the granite chaos. The tour of the peninsula is done by the customs officers’ path. Discover a breathtaking view of the 7 islands and the lighthouse of Ploumanac’h.

Trébeurden & Lannion

The small town of Trébeurden has its jewels: its port, the Pointe de Bihit, L’Ile Milliau or even the Marais du Quellen, so many choices and possibilities are offered on the Pink Granite Coast! How about a little oyster tasting in Trébeurden before heading to the flowery banks of the Léguer? From the cliff, the windows on the sea are numerous.

Focus on Trébeurden, 2 days of disconnection on Milliau Island

After taking the time to visit Trébeurden, venture to Millau Island!

Prepare your stay

For this family getaway in Brittany, the Tourist Office offers a wide range of accommodation near the customs path or in the heart of the Trégor.
It is also the time to enjoy the tastes and flavors of Brittany, for this the chefs of the Pink Granite Coast offer you to savor their delicious mix of seafood and products of the Trégor.

A la carte program

A getaway, a long weekend, a stay with a leitmotiv: to discover Brittany, our Brittany – Pink Granite Coast… then Degemer Mat e Breizh !

Angélique and Elodie have at heart to make you discover the Trégor, rich in culture and heritage, walks and coastal paths, beaches and towns of character.

Do not hesitate to contact them, they are at your disposal to organize your visits, tours and stays to make you live the essential of Brittany.

Angélique : 02 96 05 54 31
Elodie : 02 96 92 92 17

We love

  • Discovering the streets of Lannion
  • Tasting oysters in Trébeurden
  • Visiting art cities
  • Riding around on an electric bike

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