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Discovery of the Pink Granite Coast


Leave for a few days, take an electric bike and discover the Pink Granite Coast differently! With your nose in the wind and your feet on the pedals, cross Trébeurden, Lannion or Perros-Guirec. Enjoy a unique moment and take the time to cultivate the essential!

3 days

Discover the Pink Granite Coast


Discovery of the Cité des Télécoms

A unique site in Brittany, in the heart of the Pink Granite Coast!
Share a unique experience in Europe’s largest culture and leisure center dedicated to telecoms. A playful journey through time and technology … at the end of the visit, let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Radome, this huge white bubble that could accommodate the Arc de Triomphe, thanks to the sound and light show that brings the horn antenna back to life.

Cruise to The Seven Islands Archipelago

In a few hours, all the secrets of the amazing marine specimens inhabiting the nature reserve off Perros-Guirec will be revealed to you. Rouzic Island, the gannet island, is undoubtedly the highlight of the show…
You will never see such a density of these marine birds per square meter! And with a bit of luck, you will probably also cross the shimmering colors of a puffin.

Tréguier, historic capital of Trégor

Go to discover Tréguier with its stone-paved alleys and silent courtyards lined with wild grasses that magnificently highlight the half-timbered houses of the Middle Ages and those, more affluent, of the 18th century.

Cruise with commentary on the Trieux

Discover along the meanders, all the secrets of this ancient seaway, a protected natural beauty case, overhung by the castle of La Roche-Jagu, on whose banks pass the tide mills, the house of the Seznec affair and from which you will have an astonishing view of the bridge of Lézardrieux.

Benoit, passionate oyster farmer

A little gourmet break, in Lanmodez, where Benoît welcomes you to his farm and offers you a tasty oyster tasting, accompanied by a glass of white wine and some anecdotes about his oyster farming job.

Cidrerie bio du Léguer

Do you know how apples are transformed into juice or cider? From the orchard to the bowl, Cédric reveals the secrets of making the unrivaled Breton organic cider. A tasty tasting concludes the raw visit to the land.

Distillerie Warenghem

From the malted barley to the Rest Avel spring, from the heat of the stills to the silence of the cellars, you approach the fabulous world surrounding this tasty alchemy that is the elaboration of Breton Whisky. A technical and warm universe, too often misunderstood!


Lannion, through time, along the cobbled streets and alleys, the 15th and 16th century wood-panelled or slate houses, mansions and manor houses punctuate the visit of the center. The richness of the architecture appears in many details: beams, sculpted sandpits, caryatids, sundials, houses with watchtowers….

Prepare your stay

For this family getaway in Brittany, the Tourist Office offers a wide range of accommodation near the customs path or in the heart of the Trégor.
It is also the time to enjoy the tastes and flavors of Brittany, for this the chefs of the Pink Granite Coast offer you to savor their delicious mix of seafood and products from the Trégor.

A la carte program

A getaway, a long weekend, a stay with a leitmotiv: to discover Brittany, our Brittany – Pink Granite Coast… then Degemer Mat e Breizh !

Angélique and Elodie have at heart to make you discover the Trégor, rich in culture and heritage, walks and coastal paths, beaches and towns of character.

Do not hesitate to contact them, they are at your disposal to organize your visits, tours and stays to make you live the essential of Brittany.

Angélique : 02 96 05 54 31

We love

  • The discovery of the first satellite antenna at the Cité de Télécoms
  • The cruise to the 7 Islands nature reserve
  • The visit to Tréguier – Petite Cité de Caractère de Bretagne
  • The meandering Trieux river and the discovery of the oyster farmer’s job in Brittany
  • The visit of the Armorik Whisky distillery
  • The discovery of the organic production of the Leguer cider
  • The historical visit to Lannion

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