Manoir de Lan Kerellec Entrée Foie GrasManoir de Lan Kerellec Entrée Foie Gras
©Manoir de Lan Kerellec Entrée Foie Gras
The 2 starsof the Pink Granite Coast

Starred chefs

Brittany is a source of inspiration for gastronomy. On the Pink Granite Coast, this year, 4 establishments were awarded the Michelin guide, for the pleasure of our taste buds, on the appreciation of 5 criteria : qquality of products, mcontrol of cooking and flavors, ppersonality of the chef in the kitchen, rvalue for money, rregularity over time and over the entire menu.



Chef: Marc Briand

Specialties: Spider crab, black radish and citrus emulsion. Catfish, sand carrot raviole and purple artichoke with turmeric. Red fruit meringue, kalamensi cream.

At Chef Marc Briand’s, experience is what counts. In the heart of Lannion, he regales his guests with a cuisine that resembles him: square, precise, without unnecessary detours… but with just the right amount of accuracy and finesse. […] Imagination, technical precision, respect for flavors: three golden rules for a meal that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

“The word of the 2020 Michelin Guide inspector”

Manoir de Lan Kerellec


Head: Anthony Avoine

Specialties: Lobster, sardine with fleur de sel and kari-gosse, buckwheat emulsion and shellfish
Breton lobster, potato spiral, Roscoff onion and truffle butter sauce
Brown sugar shortbread, marmalade and yellow lemon cream, ribot milk sorbet

Brittany products are nicely highlighted within a willingly creative score, playing with land and sea associations, like the saint-pierre, buckwheat pancake and pig’s trotter, or this coastal brill, tortellini with capers, baby spinach shoots, coriander and charcutier sauce. Local products, freshness guaranteed.

“The word of the 2020 Michelin Guide inspector.”

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