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Winter viewpoint

Enjoy winter in Brittany, where snowstorms and freezing winds await you, but warm pancakes and roaring fires will warm you up. Explore the local culture with your loved ones and be surprised by the hidden wonders of the region.

Journey to the land of the Bretons

Discover the hidden wonders of Brittany

Winter escapes

Moments of relaxation in Côtes-d'Armor

The Côtes-d'Armor in winter

The ideal destination for a relaxing stay

The ideal destination to spend the winter in style is obviously in Côtes-d’Armor! Indeed, here are some advantages of coming to discover the region in winter:

  • Storms: Breton storms are legendary, so you can feel like an adventurer by coming to brave the elements.
  • Walks by the sea: There’s nothing like a walk by the sea to stretch your legs and fill your lungs with fresh air.
  • The warmth of the bars: The bars of the region will welcome you with pleasure to warm you up with a good glass of hot cider.
  • Nightlife: Evenings in Brittany are never boring, so you can enjoy moments of relaxation and good humor.
  • Winter vacations: Escape crowded vacations and snowstorms for a peaceful vacation in Brittany is the best of both worlds.

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