Vélektro - vélo à asistance électriqueVélektro le vélo facile. Le vélo à asistance électrique de la Côte de Granit Rose
©Vélektro le vélo facile|L'Oeil de Paco / Jean-François Le Bescond
A day at Velek'troon the Pink Granite Coast

The Pink Granite Coast in Velek’tro

Helmets adjusted, batteries fully charged, drinks and snacks in our backpacks, we’re ready for our day on Vélek’tro, the electrically-assisted bike of the Pink Granite Coast!

Vélektro - vélo à asistance électriqueVélektro le vélo facile. Le vélo à asistance électrique de la Côte de Granit Rose
©Vélektro le vélo facile |L'Oeil de Paco / Jean-François Le Bescond

The green bike!

On a 3-day stopover at the Trébeurden campsite, when we saw with friends that they were renting out electric-assist bikes, we booked straight away. Discovering this part of Brittany without a car, with the freedom of a bike but without the hassle of steep climbs, was a real treat…
And what’s more, it’s eco-friendly!

Braving the Breton landscape on a bike – too easy!

It’s a great way to start off, with a steep climb to the panorama of the Pointe de Bihit. Hop, 3 little clicks and the assistance system kicks in. You soon get used to the electricity taking over from your calves! The guy at the campsite warned us that battery life would depend on our motivation to pedal. We’ll see who’s bravest at the finish line!

Lighthouse on the coast

At the top of the point, the panorama is simply sublime. The first chaos of pink granite, and the islands punctuating an oily sea. On the horizon, you can see the silhouette of the Île de Batz, opposite Roscoff.

Bicycling the back roads

But enough daydreaming: we’re back in the saddle, following the Vélomaritime signposts. We get away from the coastline (and the cars!) for a while, and follow small, undulating roads between granite houses, undergrowth and meadows. Some lovely surprises await us along the way, including the chapel and menhir of Saint-Uzec. We leave our mounts for a moment to improvise a few “Leaning Tower of Pisa”-style souvenir photos.

Idyllic scenery for happy cyclists

Soon we’re back on the coast. The path skirts the bay from Sainte-Anne to Trégastel, passing between ponds where a few birds rest. Peaceful.
The château de Costaérès on its pink granite islet, the Ploumanac’h lighthouse emerging from the chaos… We’re speechless! As for our stomachs, they make themselves heard. We leave our velek’tro on the available racks, looking for a quiet spot to picnic. We find a little beach almost just for us, tucked away behind a few rocks. Luxury, peace and quiet and our taste buds satisfied!

New electric bike enthusiasts

But soon the tide calls us to order. It’s time to start the return journey!
Is it digestion, or is it going up a bit more in that direction? Energy levels are starting to drop, and it’s with a touch of suspense that the last few kilometers are covered. Who’s going to stall before the finish? But in the end, everyone made it back to the campsite without a hitch, delighted by this day in the fresh air of Brittany and won over by electric bikes!


Suddenly, as we begin to skate in the sand that has taken over the path: THE postcard view!

Vélek’tro rental


per day

How to rent a Vélek’tro

  • All year round at our tourist information offices:
    • 25€ per day, 45€ 2 days, 60€ 3 days and 99€ per week
  • Rental of trailers and half-tandem tricycles for children at certain tourist information offices: €12 per day
  • Charger supplied for longer rentals
  • Deposit of €800 per bike
  • Identification required
  • Rental contract and inventory
  • Range between 40 and 60 km

Where to rent Vélek'tro

In all our Tourist Information Offices or at the Tourist Office Bretagne Côte de Granit Rose partners.

Here it rolls

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