Stand Up Paddle sur la Côte de Granit RoseStand Up Paddle sur la Côte de Granit Rose
©Stand Up Paddle sur la Côte de Granit Rose|Alexandre Lamoureux
Get up, stand up!Stand Up Paddle in Brittany

Stand Up Paddle in Brittany

Practicing a nautical activity, this is the bet that, between buddies, we had made when arriving on vacation in Brittany, on the Pink Granite Coast. We, real freshwater sailors, wanted some “fun” and especially to share a moment all together. Our choice is made, we’re going to walk on the water : Get up, Stand Up Paddle here we come !

Leaving the cow floor

Once we arrived at the nautical base, we put on our neoprene suits. It’s who will look the most like a penguin, it’s good timing, there is a whole colony of them on the Archipelago of the 7 islands off Perros-Guirec. Then, equipped with our paddles, we reach the beach where our “boards” are waiting for us.

Let’s go gliding!

A few instructions needed to attach the “leach” that connects us to the board and here we are standing on our boats. Without forcing it, I feel the sensation of sliding and I move away from the shore on my Stand Up Paddle.

Walking on water

Within minutes, we all gained confidence and glide on calm water, towards the granite chaos. “All of us!!! Except Paul. Without knowing why, he makes circles in the water and inevitably it is the “splash”! – “It’s not serious, it’s super good”, he says with his head barely out of the water. There, the instructor comes to explain to him how to manage his position on the paddle. And here we go. Paul joins us then. Finally, I’m walking on the water!

100% nature pleasure

Our walk offers us another vision of the coastline, it’s those of the seabirds, the sailors returning to port, that of the iodized smells and the waves that push us. At the rhythm of the paddle strokes, I discover the coves, the small creeks hidden from the view of the coastal paths. It is the disconnection, or rather the reconnection with all our senses. I enjoy these moments with friends. Back to the beach, I enjoy the waves, and there: I surf

Naval battle between friends

The full discovery and serotonin made, we take advantage of the softness of the water to finish the ride by a naval battle whose winner will be the last one still standing on his stand-up paddle. “Well, I lost”, it’s Coralie the big winner of this nautical joust.

A desire for bigger, the giant paddle !

It’s on the way back, towards the beach that we cross a giant paddle. We all look at each other : “this is for us” !!! It is absolutely necessary that our tribe tries this machine before the end of the vacations. Wow!!!


The water is so clear that my paddle-board “flies” over the seabed!


a nautical experience in Brittany 100% natural pleasure

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