Plage de la Grève BlanchePlage de la Grève Blanche
©Plage de la Grève Blanche|Jacqueline Piriou
Loop of the Pink Granite Coast

Tour of the Pink Granite Coast

The customs path

In the heart of the Pink Granite Coast, you will discover all the richness and diversity of its landscapes, with amazing rock formations, numerous panoramas but also remarkable megaliths.

Practical information


4 days


82 km


Lannion city center


Focus on

The must-haves
Step 1

From Lannion to Perros Guirec

To begin with, you will discover the city center of Lannion, City of Arts and History, and you can also go to the top of the Brélévenez stairs to have a breathtaking view of the city. Going up the valley of the Stanco, you join the old railway line which takes you to Perros-Guirec and passes near the covered alley of Crec’h Quilié. When you arrive on the coast, you will discover the port of Perros-Guirec and further on the Pointe de Château with a view of more than 180°, from Ploumanac’h to Plougrescant, passing by the archipelago of the Sept-Iles. Commented cruises of two hours from the beach of Trestraou allow you to discover this fabulous reserve and its seabird population

Step 2

From Perros-Guirec to Kérénoc

On the paths of Ploumanac’h, you cannot miss the famous lighthouse of Men Ruz in the middle of the rocky chaos. You will also discover the Saint-Guirec oratory and the charming port of Ploumana’c’h as well as the Trégastel tide mill located at the entrance of the Traouïeros valley, and the Castle of Costaéres on its islet, in the heart of the Saint-Anne bay. After having made the tour of the Renote peninsula, you go along the Coz Pors and reach the splendid panorama which overhangs the Grève Blanche. You cross the natural site of Brginwiller which has kept its wild aspect and also offers very beautiful viewpoints. This stage ends with the tranquility of the small port of Landrellec.

Step 3

From Kérénoc to Trébeurden

Several possibilities are offered to you for this 3rd stage. By following the GR, you will pass by the Saint-Samson’s jewel case as well as near the famous Radome of Pleumeur-Bodou, but you can also join directly the imposing Christianized menhir of Saint-Uzec. After having passed Pernvern and its remarkable chapel, you will reach the Ile Grande where you can walk around and eventually discover the LPO Station attached to the Sept-Iles reserve as well as the covered alley of the Ile Grande. While returning towards Trébeurden, you will meet other megaliths near the path as well as the marsh of Quellen where you will perhaps see Camargue horses.

Step 4

From Trébeurden to Lannion

Notice the Castel and its huge blocks of pink granite. Depending on the tide, you can cross over to the Ile Miliau. After walking along the beach of Tresmeur, you reach the point of Bihit and its magnificent panorama on the bay of Lannion. The path of the customs officers takes you then to the entrance of the valley of Goas Lagorn then the point of Beg Léguer which marks the entrance of the valley of Léguer. You then join Lannion by the old towpath which runs along the river.