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Loop of the Léguer

Tour of the Léguer

The customs path

Like the Léguer, classified as a Wild River, the rivers have helped shape the Trégor. From the countryside to the sea via the city of Lannion, this itinerary will reveal the richness and diversity of the landscapes as well as the heritage of the Tregorrois.

Practical information


4 days


72 km




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The must-haves
Step 1

From Lézardrieux to Lanmodez

In the valley of the Saint-Ethurien, tributary of the Léguer, the luckiest ones will perhaps find Amethyst crystals. While gaining the heights of the valley of the Léguer, you will notice the Beech of Kervinihy, particularly majestic and which would have formerly been used as bitter. Before reaching the valley of the Léguer, your steps will lead you to the surprising chapel of the Seven Saints, dedicated to the cult of the Seven Sleeping Saints of Ephesus and which is built on a dolmen transformed into a crypt. It is still today a gathering place for Christian and Muslim religions. In the course of the forest that borders the Leguer, you will reach the place called Keranraix to spend the night.

Step 2

From Keranraix to Lannion

In the heart of the Léguer valley, a remarkable natural site classified as a wild river, you will also discover a particularly rich built heritage. After having reached the Saint-Fiacre chapel built on the heights of the river, move away from the valley to discover the castle of Kergrist and its sumptuous gardens. You will then walk along the edge of the river to reach the majestic medieval defensive castle of Tonquédec perched on its promontory. Following the course of the Léguer, you finally arrive in Lannion, City of Arts and History, where the most courageous will climb to the top of the Brélévenez stairs.

Step 3

From Lannion to Saint-Michel-En-Grève

You leave Lannion in the direction of the Yaudet site, marked by the traces of human presence for thousands of years. Admire the Notre-Dame du Yaudet chapel and admire the view of the mouth of the Léguer from the “pierre plate”. You will then discover the point of Dourven which juts out into the bay of Lannion and offers you a dazzling panorama on Trébeurden and the Miliau Island. To conclude this stage, the cliffs of Trédrez offer you a different scenery and lead you to the Lieu de Grève.

Step 4

From Saint Michel en Grève to Plouaret

After some maritime landscapes and panoramas on the Lieu de Grève, you will find the interior paths between countryside and rivers. On the way, you will discover the Saint-Mélar chapel perched at 117 m of altitude and offering a view on the bay then you will go along the Roscoat to reach Lanvellec and its rich heritage. First the Saint-Laudez chapel, then the Saint-Brandan church and its remarkable organ and finally the Saint-Goulven chapel in a small haven of peace. A few steps away, there is also the Rosambo castle and its remarkable gardens.