Point De Vue Léguer, LannionPoint De Vue Léguer Crec'h An Taro
©boucle rando en dominant l'estuaire du Léguer
My Tro Breizh

My Tro Breizh

A path like no other

From the top of the Grand Rocher facing the Lieue de Grève, discover the interior of Brittany and the richness of its heritage to reach Tréguier and Saint-Tugdual Cathedral. You will discover some of the valleys that have shaped the Trégor as well as surprising buildings and cities full of history.

Practical information


5 days


90 km



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The must-haves
Step 1

From Plestin-Les-Grèves to Plouaret

Your journey starts by climbing the 84 meters of the Grand Rocher which proudly dominates the shore of Saint-Michel. On the way, you will discover the Saint-Mélar chapel perched at 117 m of altitude and offering a view on the bay then you will go along the Roscoat to reach Lanvellec and its rich heritage. First the Saint-Maudrez chapel, then the Saont-Brandan church and its remarkable organ and finally the Saint-Goulven chapel in a small haven of peace. The Rosanbo castle and its remarkable gardens are also nearby.

Step 2

The Old Market

In the valley of the Saint-Ethurien, tributary of the Léguer, the luckiest ones will perhaps find Amethyst crystals. While gaining the heights of the valley of the Léguer, you will notice the Beech of Kervinihy, particularly majestic and which would have been formerly used as bitter. Before reaching the valley of the Léguer, your steps will lead you to the surprising chapel of the Seven Saints, dedicated to the cult of the Seven Sleeping Saints of Ephesus and which is built on a dolmen transformed into a crypt. It is still today a meeting place for Christian and Muslim religions.

Step 3

Old Market - Prat

Following the course of the river, you will discover the Saint-Fiacre chapel on the heights of the valley and pass near the castle of Kergrist before reaching the imposing castle of Tonquédec which dominates the Léguer, in the heart of the forest. It is a medieval defensive castle with 11 towers and 2 keeps. Leaving the valley, you are now in the heart of the Trégoroise countryside with its bocage, its small village and its rural heritage. Just after the village of Prat, you will discover the haven of peace of the pond of Poulloguer and its mill, the ideal place to stop for the night.

Step 4

Prat - Minihy Tréguier

Through the Poulloguer valley, whose ancient mills bear witness to the activities it once witnessed, you join the Jaudy valley and follow its course to reach the town of La-Roche-Derrien. Here again, old mills line the river. Some of them were used to dye flax, the heart of the local economic activity, less than a century ago. La Roche Derrien was also a hub with its sheltered port. This charming town hides many treasures such as the Calvary chapel which dominates the whole valley offering a magnificent panorama.

Step 5

From Lannion to Plestin-Les-Grèves

You will reach the valley of the Guindy and its meanders where you will discover an aqueduct built to bring water to Tréguier as well as the surprising Saint-François footbridge which spans the river to allow you to access the city. On the Matray square, the imposing Saint-Tugdual Cathedral and its heart are enthroned.