Balade sur le GR 34 à la Presqu'île Renote - TrégastelBalade sur le GR 34 à la Presqu'île Renote - Trégastel
©Balade sur le GR 34 à la Presqu'île Renote - Trégastel|Alexandre Lamoureux
GR®34 - The customs path

GR®34 – Le sentier des douaniers

The customs path

The GR®34 on the famous customs path, conquer the many panoramas and exceptional natural sites that the Pink Granite Coast offers, from the peninsula of Lézardrieux to Lannion via Tréguier, the site of the Abyss of Plougrescant, Ploumanac’h or even Trébeurden.

Practical information


10 days


192 km


Lezardrieux Bridge

Focus on

The must-haves
Step 1

The peninsula of Lézardrieux

Leave Lézardrieux by following the GR34 towards the north and the charming little hamlet of Kermouster, which offers an unobstructed view of the mouth of the Trieux.

At the very north of the peninsula is the Sillon de Talbert nature reserve. This cordon of sand and pebbles that juts out into the sea for more than 3 km offers a unique and exceptional landscape. During your hike, you can enjoy panoramic views of the sea and the coast, with the island of Brehat in the background. All along your route, you will be able to observe flora and fauna typical of this coastal environment, with migratory birds, shellfish and crustaceans.

The coast then offers a wild and jagged landscape with its vast Grèves overhung by the ancient semaphore of Créac’h Maout and its magnificent panorama. The trail then takes you along the Jaudy estuary in the direction of the city of Tréguier, passing notably near the remarkable gardens of Kerdalo.

Step 2

Tréguier and the Ajoncs Coast

Before leaving Tréguier, make a detour to visit the magnificent Saint-Tugdual Cathedral, a jewel of Gothic architecture. This cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches in Brittany, with its colorful stained glass windows, wood and stone carvings, and cloister dating from the 12th century. A visit to the cathedral is a must for history and culture lovers.

The path takes you to the small oyster port of La Roche Jaune and then you reach Plougrescant with its parade of small creeks, harbors, wild moors and rocky coasts sculpted by the elements.

On the way, you can stop to visit the famous Gouffre de Plougrescant, a spectacular rock formation where the sea rushes into a deep crevasse.

You continue your walk through the picturesque villages of Buguélès and Port-Blanc, where you can admire the colorful boats and the archipelago of islets looming in front of you, before reaching the beautiful beach of Trestel.

Step 3

From Perros-Guirec to Lannion

At Ploumanac’h, you will be able to admire the rocks sculpted by erosion, with often surprising shapes. The deep blue sea contrasts with the pink of the rocks and sands, creating a unique landscape.

Continuing on the GR34, you will arrive at Trégastel, where you will find Ile Renote, a small island that has become a popular destination for tourists. Surrounded by beautiful pink rocks, it offers a breathtaking view of the coast and the Seven Islands archipelago.

Passing the Landrellec peninsula and then the Ile Grande, you then reach Trébeurden where you will find impressive pink granite formations such as the Castel, a granite chaos facing the Ile Milliau. Passing then the Pointe de Bihit and its steep path, the view opens on the Bay of Lannion and the mouth of the Léguer.

Step 4

From Lannion to Plestin-Les-Grèves

The hike continues towards the Bay of Lannion passing by Beg Léguer.

You will arrive at Le Yaudet, and discover an ancient oppidum located on a rocky peninsula at the edge of the sea. You will be able to admire the ruins of the old chapel as well as the ramparts that surround the peninsula. From this place, you will have a breathtaking view of the sea and the bay of Lannion.

The stage ends here, where you can relax on a sandy beach. This bay is known for being a famous surf spot, but also for its dunes and protected flora.
The last stage of your hike will take you from the Bay of Lannion to Plestin-Les-Grève.

Continuing on the GR34, you will arrive at the Grand Rocher, it offers a breathtaking view of the sea and the surrounding coasts.

The hike ends along the cliffs of Trédrez-Locquémeau, which offer a spectacular landscape with the Grand Rocher and its impressive height.