Balade en famille à l'Ile MilliauBalade en famille à l'Ile Milliau en face de Trébeurden
©Balade en famille à l'Ile Milliau|Alexandre Lamoureux
In the footsteps of the customs officerson the GR®34

Hiking vacations on the Pink Granite Coast

Put one foot in front of the other. Take in the view, the lungs, the ears… And gradually let yourself be won over by the magic of the GR34, which touches the maritime horizon at every moment.

Balade sur le GR 34 à la Presqu'île Renote - TrégastelBalade sur le GR 34 à la Presqu'île Renote - Trégastel
©Balade sur le GR 34 à la Presqu'île Renote - Trégastel|Alexandre Lamoureux

A historical trail

Taking this mythical route around Brittany is first and foremost the assurance of breathtaking views of the open sea. Logical, when you consider that the trail was originally created in the 18th century to allow customs officers to survey the coastline and scan the horizon to fight smuggling.

The Tregor!”
Cradle of the GR34

Well laced shoes, equipped with our backpacks, we have been following the red and white markings of the GR®34 every day for nearly a week. As we are not adept at roaming, we have established our rear base in a small cosy gite between Ploumanac’h and Plougrescant, ideally placed to explore the variety of landscapes of the Trégor and the Pink Granite Coast.

Clearing the Breton coastline

Our hosts teach us that it was here, between Lannion and Trébeurden, that the GR34 was born 50 years ago, thanks to a handful of pioneers who rolled up their sleeves to clear the old customs path. A nice success story !

Walking to disconnect…

In this corner of Brittany, no big technical difficulties, and no villas that cut the right of way on the lovingly preserved coastline! Just the pleasure of following the paths traced between pebble or white sand beaches, round or on the contrary jagged rocks, wild cliffs and colorful moors…

and better find each other!!

Each day we set off to discover a new section, a new atmosphere. Depending on the time of day, the weather, the tide, the outward journey and the return journey each reveal their treasures. As the week goes by, we feel the transformation: we take the time to really look, we reconnect to our senses, to the land… In short, a beautiful parenthesis to reconnect with the essential!”

We take the time to really look, reconnect to our senses, to the earth…



the hiking map
Côte de Granit Rose

Our favorites along the way

  • evolving in the heart of the pink granite chaos between Trégastel and Ploumanac’h, and especially on the Ile Renote bathed in the soft light of the end of the day ;
  • admiring an incredible stormy sky from the customs house of the Pointe du Dourven, then running on the soft carpet of pine thorns to reach Locquémeau before the rain and take refuge in the café of the port ;
  • challenging our calves by crabbing on the wild cliffs of Trédrez;
  • touching the granite tors, those incredible ruiniform silhouettes seeming to come out of a fantastic book, between Pors Scaff and the Pointe du Gouffre in Plougrescant ;

  • then immerse yourself in the Breton moor, smell the coconut smell of the gorse, listen to a Whinchat perched on its promontory at the Pointe du Château;
  • wait quietly for the sea to go down to cross the Pellinec cove between Port Blanc and Buguélès, with only the sound of the coming and going of the tide;
  • discovering the surprising pebble spire of the Sillon du Talbert from the semaphore of Creac’h Maout, then walking a small part of it, fighting against the wind, and feeling very small in front of the immensity of this lunar landscape.

Hiking maps

on the Pink Granite Coast

You can buy hiking maps, topoguides and other practical information in all our tourist information offices or at the partners of the Tourist Office Bretagne Côte de Granit Rose.

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