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An iodized trail spaceon the Pink Granite Coast

Destination trail

With its coastal paths, cliffs, and forests, the Pink Granite Coast is a true trail area. From nature runs along the GR34 for the discovery of trail running to loops with a high D+ elevation gain for experts, everyone will find their trail on the Destination Trail Côte de Granit Rose – Baie de Morlaix to practice trail running in Brittany.

My trail space

on the Pink Granite Coast

A land of trail

A Brittany to discover, on 200 km of trail, according to your stride and your practice. The pleasure of crossing a land of contrasts: cliffs, creeks, valleys, dune beaches and forests… the majestic granite chaos of the Pink Granite Coast or the mysterious universe of the Monts d’Arrée.

Trails between nature and heritage

From one stride to the other go from the gentle Isle of Batz or the wild river of the Léguer. Unless your footsteps lead you in those of the history of the small towns of character of Tréguier or Roscoff along the alleys and half-timbered houses.

Iodized trails

Trail routes in Brittany with a thousand colors, varying according to the tides, the hours, and the seasons. An ideal trail area awaits you to let go and reconnect your senses with your legs. A nature to contemplate, to enjoy yourself and cultivate the essential!

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Upcoming trails agenda

on the Pink Granite Coast

If you like running and nature, the department offers you a multitude of options to discover new trails and challenge yourself with trail races. Beginner or experienced runner? These trail races offer a unique experience to discover the wonders of nature in the department. So strap on your running shoes and get ready for adventure!