Parc aventure Vivons perchésParc aventure Vivons perchés
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A great sylvan leap100% adrenaline sensations

Skyfall in Pleumeur-Bodou

Getting high, climbing trees, moving from creeper to creeper like Tarzan apprentices, rubbing shoulders with the treetops. Lovers of adventure and thrills, the Vivons Perchés adventure park was a must for us during our stay.

Let’s live perched

Arrived at the park we equipped ourselves with harnesses and then, after a briefing from the team introducing us to the safety rules, we set out to assault the forest. More than 190 challenges on 14 courses of difficulty adapted to everyone’s level: platforms ranging from 1 to 15 meters high with zip lines, monkey bridges, Tarzan lianas, nets and many others… will put our balance and agility to the test throughout the day.

From peak to peak

First a few hesitant steps, then we quickly gain confidence especially thanks to the continuous lifeline along the entire route that ensures maximum safety. Perched 15 meters high, the most comfortable encourage the less reckless and we chain aerial crossings from tree to tree, discovering here and there above the peaks, breathtaking views of the sea.

Skyfall, a big jump 100% adrenaline.

We can’t stop there, the urge to get higher and push ourselves is way too strong. I decide to go first on the Skyfall challenge. I begin the 17 meter climb using the climbing holds. I climb, again and again, one hold after another, with the encouragement of my friends who appear smaller and smaller as I get closer to the platform.

Stop for a big breath

I reach my goal, release the last hold and here I am 17 meters above the ground. The reward: a superb sea view that I take the time to admire while catching my breath. But I don’t forget what still awaits me. Finally the climbing was the easy part. Now, faced with the void, I have to find the courage to go for it, to jump.

Adrenaline rush at the top

I can feel the adrenaline pumping inside me. They say the longer you wait the harder it is to overcome your fear of heights, but I’m not one to chicken out, especially not in front of my friends.
I’m ready, I look straight ahead, hold my breath and let myself fall…

A jump of happiness

In a few seconds of falling, I discover a unique sensation of lightness, of freedom that makes me feel like I’m flying and I feel at the same time that my whole body is attracted by the force of the earth’s attraction that wants to bring me back to the ground.

I jumped in, found the courage and took the Skyfall challenge. So whose turn is it now?

The Skyfall


per person

To enjoy the Skyfall experience

  • 10 years old and 1.40 m minimum; 130 kg maximum
  • Minors under 16 years old must be under the supervision of a responsible adult
  • Average duration: 15 min
  • Maximum height: 17 m and 2 m freefall!
  • Safety: briefing and test course

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