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La Roche-DerrienAn increased immersionin the heart of the Middle Ages

La Roche-Derrien in the Middle Ages

We had immediately been seduced by the concept: to discover the Little City of Character of La Roche-Derrien with the help of digital tablets mixing augmented reality, 3D reconstructions, Pokemon Go style druid hunting…

An Augmented Reality

With this concentration of technological tools, there was plenty to motivate young people to follow us to discover local heritage and history without much sighing. To tell the truth, I had paid little attention to the binaural sound experience also offered. And yet, the docu-drama in 3D sound broadcast at the Sainte-Catherine church literally blew me away.
Review of this sound immersion in the heart of the War of the British Succession.

An interactive tour to discover the
medieval past of La Roche Derrien

Arrived in front of the church, the children seem more motivated by the hunt for the Druids than by the discovery of the religious heritage. While Patricia keeps an eye on them, I cross the porch. Silence. Only my footsteps echo on the large stone slabs.
Facing a stained glass window illustrating the defeat of Charles de Blois here in 1347, I find a panel covered with audio headphones. I dutifully untangle the twisting wires. L for the left ear, R for the right. Sitting in front of the stained glass window, I finally launch the French version. I could also have opted for English or Breton.


Sound in all dimensions

Psshhhh, pshHHHhh, PPPssshhHHH… The sound swirls around me, hyper realistic. I hear footsteps coming closer behind my back. Probably a kid who wants to play a trick on me! I turn around before, but… Nobody! Immediately, a voice whispers in my ear: “who loses, who wins?”
I jump. Bluffing!

At the heart of the Hundred Years’ War in Brittany

With the stained glass window as the only visual cue, the voice embarks me in a soundscape screaming with realism. By small touches, like a kaleidoscope, it is about the Hundred Years War. And of the one opposing Charles de Blois and Jean de Montfort for the Succession of the Duchy of Brittany. But also of the fate of the men and women hostages of this interminable war. Taking refuge in the church on this summer day in 1347, this young mother returns from the dead to tell us their story.

A real journey through time

Horsesteps approaching, cannon fire, the battering of the church door, the breaking of glass, knights crossing swords, a few silences too… Here I am literally transported to the Middle Ages, in the church among all these panicked inhabitants in the heart of the raging battle… Emotion too when listening to a singularly beautiful song, enhanced by the binaural sound.
“Who loses, who wins?”

A timeless sensory experience

I remain for a moment with the headphones on my ears at the end of this experience. As if I needed a moment to regain the thread of time.
Exit my bubble, the sounds outside resurface. The laughter of children, a passing car, everything seems to appear to me more clearly: as if I had become aware of the importance of hearing in my perception of the world.

The sounds are swirling all around me, and I’m in the middle of the action. I forget where I am, or rather WHEN I am.



Binaural 3D audio experience

In the Church of St. Catherine, you will witness the surrender of Charles de Blois to the English in 1347, and live as if you were there the last minutes of the siege of the city. Thanks to a 3D sound reconstruction (binaural), you will share the fate of the inhabitants who took refuge in the church, in a sensational sound docu-drama.

La Roche 3D application

Reliving the Roche-Derrien in the Middle Ages

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