Saut chute libre tandem 7eme ciel parachutismeSaut chute en tandem au dessus de la Côte de Granit Rose avec 7ème Ciel parachutisme
I go to the 7th heavenabove the Pink Granite Coast
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Tandem skydiving

I go to the 7th heaven

A free fall jump over the Pink Granite Coast, a pure sensation of freedom!!
This is the “Wow” effect I felt during my tandem skydiving jump with the instructor of 7ème Ciel, the skydiving club of Lannion. A vertical glide with a panoramic view on an exceptional nature.

Taking the plunge

From talking about it!
One day, it happened!

I’m going to skydive. The reservation is made. My medical certificate in hand, we’re just waiting for the perfect weather window. I won’t have long to wait, the next day, the phone rings:
– “Hello, Vincent, it’s 7th Sky Skydiving, are you available to jump late afternoon?”
There we go, first dose of adrenaline!

Cool vibe at 7th Heaven

A little early to the appointment, I head to the tarmac and the 7th Heaven skydiving facility. Atmosphere straw hut and lounge music at the reception. I am immediately recognized by Daphnée :
– “Hi Vincent, you are ready ! You are going to make your jump with Clément. I wait a few minutes and Patrice arrives, big smile, with the harness :
– “Vincent ?! You can come, we’ll equip you and brief you”.
That’s getting clearer, another little dose of adrenaline!!

Technical briefing

As Patrice puts the harness on me, he speaks softly to me to lower my tension. He is super reassuring, everything is clear, precise. Every step of the jump is explained from the moment we get in the plane to the landing. Patrice finishes his briefing and introduces me to Mathis, the professional photographer who will accompany us during the jump. Reassured, the desire to go overcomes the apprehension.
Suddenly, the Pilatus, the skydiving club’s plane parks not far from us, 3rd dose of adrenaline.

Ascension to the 7th heaven

We head to the fuselage of the plane. With the door wide open, I climb aboard. The smell of kerosene tells me: – “It’s time to leave the cow floor”.
The door closes, the Pilatus heads to the end of the runway, and it’s takeoff. The atmosphere on board is really fun between all the skydivers: instructors and neophytes. The plane climbs easily: 1000 m, 2000 m, 3000 m.

Idyllic landscape for happy skydiver

The landscape is beautiful below us. Beg-Léguer, Trébeurden and its marina, the Ile Grande, the Radome… The Pink Granite Coast cuts through a unique palette of colors. Suddenly, 4000 m: a check between present, then the small bell which gives the green light to the jumps.
The door opens! The fresh wind rushes in: adrenaline still!

Flying at 200 km/h

Each in turn, we approach the door. Clement gives me the final instructions. This is the moment, I have my legs out of the plane and Clement wedges my head back in the banana position! Then, he announces :
– “Ok, it is good ! Here we go!!!”.
After a few seconds, I spread my arms, we stabilize at a speed of 200 km.h-1. It’s fantastic, I’m serene and free fall is a feeling of pure freedom. I am flying!!!

The adrenaline rush increases all my senses tenfold. We throw ourselves into the void.
“Wow, that’s strong”.

The canopy flight

After 50 seconds of freefall, Clement announces 1500 m and opens the parachute. The deceleration gives way to the canopy flight. It is a moment of plenitude. I enjoy even more precisely the panorama. I am light, I fly like Jonathan Livingston The Gull, or a Northern Gannet of the 7 Islands Archipelago that I can clearly see. It is at this moment, that Clément asks me if I still wish to discover some sensations: – “It is OK for me!”
He then leaves in a spin, accelerating and decelerating successively. It’s happiness!”

Back on the cow floor

Finally, the flight ends, I raise my legs on my chest and Clément touches the ground, I then have to run to accompany him in the landing. A check to Clément and Mathis ! My friend adrenalin has been replaced by her cousins dopamine and serotonin. Great, I want to go back up to 7th Heaven!



per person

Conditions for tandem skydiving jump

  • Be 15 years old (For minors, an authorization from both parents will be required).
  • Be provided with a medical certificate of no contraindication to skydiving less than 6 months old.
  • Maximum weight 95Kg, BMI ⩽ to 30, beyond that: 7th Sky reserves the right to accept or refuse a passenger it considers incompatible with the safety required for skydiving.
  • Do not have consumed alcohol or illegal substances.
  • Please allow 1/2 day on site.
  • Please bring sneakers and comfortable clothing (warm clothes in cold weather)
  • The tandem skydive is also accessible to people with reduced mobility
  • See the list of medical contraindications

Offer a tandem flight

For a birthday, a Christmas gift, a bachelorette or bachelor party, Valentine’s Day… Or simply he or she has wanted to for a very long time.
The baptism of tandem jumping is the guarantee of an extraordinary and original adventure.

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