Where to sit and contemplate a Breizh sunseton the Pink Granite Coast

Top 10 sunset spots

In Brittany, when the sun begins to hide behind the horizon, the colors become magical. Shades of orange, pink and purple mingle with the sky, painting a celestial picture we never tire of admiring. Sometimes, the clouds in the sky, whether massive or scattered, are tinged with warm, golden hues. Bordered by the sea, the Pink Granite Coast offers numerous spots to admire the multicolored play of light and shadow in the twilight sky. Each and every sunset in Brittany is unique, a sight we’ll keep in our heads forever.

Plage du Coz Pors


On the beach of Coz-Pors, the granite rocks, often in surprising shapes, stand out in Chinese shadow and their natural pink color is multiplied tenfold! It’s also a great place for a family game of hide-and-seek between the chaos and the sun at low tide…

Plage de Goas Lagorn

Beg Leguer

For soft, bewitching light, the beach at Goas Lagorn in Lannion is ideal. You can settle down on the sand with a large towel to admire the horizon face-to-face with your better half, for example.

L’Île Grande


Set sail for Île Grande, a steep spot on the mainland that offers some great places to watch the sun set. Close by, you can hear the sounds of seagulls and gulls, also privileged spectators of this spectacle.

Site de Goariva


A moment of beauty and tranquility awaits us on the site of Goariva in Plougras. At an altitude of 314m, this panoramic site offers us a 360° sunset over this mysterious region of the Trégor.

Don’t let any more sunsets get away from you.

Jeannie Mark

Le Dourven


For a breathtaking visual spectacle, head for the Pointe du Dourven in Trédrez-Locquémeau. At the end of this jetty, you’ll feel privileged in the face of nature’s power.

Le Castel


Here, the miracle of the tide opens the walkway to Ile Milliau. Overlooking the Trébeurden marina, the Castel rock sublimates the pink granite as the rays of the setting sun fall on this protected natural site.

Plage de Port-La-Chaîne


This beach of sand on one side and pebbles on the other, offers a peaceful moment. You can see the boats silhouetted against the water. The Port La Chaîne lighthouse, meanwhile, is illuminated by the last rays of the sun, its glittering beam sweeping across the horizon.


Le Gouffre


Le Gouffre in Plougrescant is a magnificent spot to take a breath of fresh air and marvel at what Nature has to offer with these rocks shaped by the elements. Along the walk, you can feel a gentle breeze in summer, which brings with it the salty scent of the sea.

Trestel beach


Here, the color palette is vibrant! A surfing beach par excellence, you can listen to the waves crashing vigorously onto the shore and watch surf enthusiasts master the waves with grace and determination.

Port l’épine


As you arrive at the beach, you can feel the grains of sand, warmed by the sunny day that has just passed. It’s ideal for strolling through this enchanting landscape.

Be on top

the top of the Pink Granite Coast