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The most unusual rocksof the Pink Granite Coast

Top 10 most unusual rocks

The Pink Granite Coast is the perfect playground to discover and have fun recognizing the shapes of our impressive granite blocks. These biscornus rocks, and rather curious, have the merit to leave us doubtful but especially imaginative! Ideal for fun with family, couple, friends or solo.

Le Dé


Off the beach of Toul-Trez is revealed a rock, or rather a large cube of granite resting on a rocky mass. This last one is nicknamed “Le Dé”. It is accessible at low tide only and visible from the start of the Renote peninsula. Open your eyes wide and marvel!

La Palette du Peintre


This is your lucky day! If you have just seen the Dé of Trégastel, now head for the Palette du Peintre, only a few steps away! You can discover it by going around the Renote peninsula. Its particularity is its pierced basin, with a perfectly rounded shape, the result of an erosion within the subhorizontal diaclases.

Le Tas de Crêpes


From the beach of Coz Pors, stands a house and to its left, a large block of granite that seems to be made of several layers of stone… This is the pile of pancakes! By the way, wouldn’t it be time to go and enjoy a little pancake facing the sea?

The Crab Claw


Also on the Renote Peninsula, you will come face to face with a rock that consists of a large notch. It is called the Crab’s Claw! It’s easy to wonder why these rocks have such an odd shape. It is simply erosion with wind, frost and rain that has given these granitic shapes over time.

Really strange shaped rocks that kids love! We feel so small in front of the granite chaos around us! Simply magical.


King Gradlon’s Crown


This large rock dominates the beach of the Grève Blanche. Its shape reminds us of a crown, and it would be that of King Gradlon, King of Cornouaille. It is possible to climb this rock if you have good shoes! This promises us a breathtaking view of the seaside resort of Trégastel, with the sea and the rocks as far as the eye can see.

Father Trébeurden


He is the emblem and protective figure of the resort, located at the Castel, facing Île Milliau, between the Pointe de Bihit and the port of Trébeurden. This colossal stone figure facing the sea takes on the appearance of a character acting as a guard.

The Sentry Rock


This rock decorated with a sentry box is located in Port-Blanc, a small village in Penvénan. It was once used as a defensive ensemble, to protect itself from enemy attacks, particularly English ones. Its sentry box, destroyed and then rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century, is now sleeping at the water’s edge. Inside it, we find the statues of Saint-Tugdual and Our Lady of the Sea.

The upside-down bottle


On the customs path between Perros-Guirec and Ploumanac’h are revealed many rather curious rocky chaotic formations, including this last one, which strangely resembles an upside-down bottle on its base. It’s time to quench your thirst!

Napoleon’s Hat


Napoleon’s Hat is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular rocks of the Pink Granite Coast. Napoleon’s famous bicorn dominates the magnificent beach of Saint-Guirec in Ploumanac’h and offers a breathtaking landscape!

The site of the abyss


The Abyss of Plougrescant is the unmissable stopover during your vacations on the Pink Granite Coast. Here, in the heart of a preserved nature, are drawn rock shapes with simply spectacular looks. A tip, take the time to admire the sunset from the Pointe du Château.

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