Plage de Pors Termen à TrébeurdenPlage de Pors Termen à Trébeurden
©Plage de Pors Termen à Trébeurden|Alexandre Lamoureux
The top 10 beaches of Brittanyon the Pink Granite Coast

Top 10 beaches

Long white (or pink!) sandy beaches, calm and soothing bays, swimming in azure water, activities of all kinds… We are of course talking about your next vacation on the Pink Granite Coast! Located in the Côtes d’Armor, it offers a multitude of beaches with unique characters! From Plestin-les-Grèves to Lézardrieux, the beaches follow one another along one of the most beautiful coasts in France. To discover with your family or with your lover, wild or unusual, supervised or not, the beaches of the Pink Granite Coast are placed under the sign of relaxation… and swimming. As for that, we let you make your own opinion. Follow the guide !

Brittany’s most spectacular beach

The beach of Coz-Pors


The beach of Coz-Pors in Trégastel remains the most spectacular of the coastline, and is even one of the most beautiful beaches in France! Watched over in summer, this pretty bay dotted with pink granite rocks of extravagant shapes offers a view that will leave you speechless. Those who like boat trips leave from the beach of Coz-Pors to go to the superb Archipelago of the Seven Islands. And the fireworks display fired each year from one of the islets (accessible at low tide) is of great beauty. To be admired without moderation from the sand!

Discover the beach of Coz-Pors

The ideal family beach in Brittany

The beach of Goas Lagorn


If, during your vacations with us, you wish to spend a beach afternoon with your family, head for the beach of Goas Lagorn in Lannion! This pretty sandy beach, supervised in summer, is located below the natural site of the Goas Lagorn valley, between Beg-Léguer and Trébeurden. Set back from the road, it is in complete peace that you can indulge in the joys of swimming and sandcastles with your family and children. A creperie-moulerie close to the beach offers young and old alike something to eat all day long.

Discovering Goas Lagorn beach with your family

Brittany’s sportiest beach

Trestel beach


If you’re looking for a dream beach to practice surfing in Brittany, you’re in the right place. The beach of Trestel offers magnificent waves to practice surfing! Well known to windsurfers, kitesurfers and sailors, it will delight everyone! The beach of Trestel, benefits from ideal wind and tide conditions for the practice of surfing. The waves can reach several meters in height, offering strong sensations to the experienced surfers. So, if you dream of getting closer to your other half, this is the ideal beach for a sporty outing!

Discover the surfing and gliding spots

Brittany’s wildest beach

Kermagen beach


Kermagen beach is located just a few blocks from the Sillon de Talbert, with a view of the coast of Plougrescant, the archipelago of Ile d’Er, and the open ocean. A magical setting for a beach day with the whole family! Here, the ideal swimming period is 2 hours before and after high tide. At low tide, it is a spot of fishing on foot that allows you to reach the small White Island.

Discover the wild beach of Kermagen

Brittany’s most festive beach

Tresmeur beach


If you’re looking for a festive beach, head to Tresmeur beach in Trébeurden. Its fine sand and azure blue water leave no one unmoved! Its restaurants and bars along the promenade make it a very friendly place to live in summer. Trébeurden, it’s the place to be to have fun !

Discover the beach of Tresmeur in Trébeurden

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In the Côtes d’Armor, at every hour of the day its beach! This morning, I went fishing on foot during the low tide in Pleubian, this afternoon my tribe is meeting at the Kirio beach and tonight, it’s the party with the buddies in Tresmeur!


Brittany’s pink sand beach

Plage de la Grève Blanche


The pinkest of the beaches is Grève Blanche. It is also the northernmost beach and the neighbor of the Grève Rose beach! This dominance of pink is given by the multitude of pink granite rocks that dot this pretty beach. And yes, this place is not called the Pink Granite Coast for nothing! If you’re looking for what to do nearby, head to the Renote Peninsula for a nice hike!

Discover the Grève Blanche beach

The largest beach on the Pink Granite Coast

La Lieue de Grève

from Saint Michel en Grève to Plestin-les-Grèves

Of all the beaches in the Brittany Pink Granite Coast destination, the largest is undoubtedly the one that extends its white sand from Saint-Michel-en-Grève to Saint Efflam. With its 4 km length, you can practice sand yachting, kitesurfing and children can learn surfing during their vacations in Brittany. But the beach offers above all a magnificent playground! For example, it is transformed into a racetrack once a year, or hosts kite meetings at the festival Vent de Grève. We’re almost looking forward to the low tide!”

Discover the beach of Saint-Michel-en-GrèveDiscover the beach of Saint-Efflam

The southernmost beach

The beach of Traou Treiz


Dominated by the majestic Lézardrieux bridge, this may not be the quietest beach, but it’s the sunniest! A good excuse to take a refreshing swim during the summer vacations. Facing south, it is perfectly sheltered from the prevailing winds. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Discover Traou Treiz beach

Le Léguer - Paradis des pêcheurs à la mouche
Le Léguer - Paradis des pêcheurs à la mouche
Le Léguer - Paradis des pêcheurs à la mouche

Brittany’s most unusual beach

Trégrom beach


Nestled in a green setting in the Leguer valley, you will enjoy swimming in fresh water on this fine river sand beach. A beautiful moment to experience on one of the most unusual beaches of the Brittany coastline!”

Discover the beach of Trégrom

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