Archipel des 7 IlesArchipel des 7 Iles
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7 Islands for foolsStroll in the sea in the heart of a natural reserve

The 7 Islands archipelago

During our first family vacation on the pink granite coast, we chose to discover the unavoidable Seven Islands archipelago. Excursion at sea, bird watching, stopover on one of the islands, we spent a unique moment that delighted young and old.

The Crazy on a speedboat

It’s 9 a.m. when we board a speedboat from Armor Navigation. The weather is perfect for a sea trip. The crew gives us a friendly welcome and gives us the safety instructions to follow, then we leave the docks of Perros-Guirec in the direction of the archipelago, 7 km out to sea.

An archipelago unique in Europe

The sun draws off a set of rocky islets: Rouzic, Malban, Bono, Ile aux Moines, Ile Plate, Costans and Cerfs. The guide explains that the archipelago of the Sept-Îles is the most important ornithological reserve in France. There are no less than 27 species of nesting birds among which we can observe 15 species of seabirds, that is to say more than 24 500 couples.

The largest bird reserve

The archipelago is moreover classified as a protected natural site since 1912 at the initiative of the League for the Protection of Birds and Natural Reserve since 1976 by the Ministry of the Environment. We get closer to the islands and take the direction of the Rouzic island for an immersion in the kingdom of birds.

Rouzic, the kingdom of the gannets

Imagine thousands of gannets, hundreds of puffins, crested cormorants, razorbills, common guillemots, northern fulmars, great, herring and brown gulls… in flight and in the hollow of the rocks. Attentive to the excellent ornithological comments of the guide who directs our eyes to observe the different species, the children are amazed. The gray seals are also part of the party, they swim or bask on the rocks. About thirty specimens would have taken up residence in this nature reserve.

A stopover on the Île aux Moines

Continuation of the stroll towards the neighboring islands and, since we chose the formula with stopover, we accost on the Île aux Moines recognizable by its lighthouse and a Vauban fort. The opportunity to stretch our legs for a walk to the lighthouse. To the delight of the children, this island is a paradise for rabbits, they run around everywhere!

Meeting with dolphins

We take our place on board the speedboat for the return to the coast. At sea, we are lucky enough to come across a school of dolphins, the boat captain slows down to let us enjoy this magical moment. Another boat is also at the stop to observe them, it is a boat of the League of Protection of the Birds which also proposes commented outings by a professional of the station.

Geological discovery of Côte de Granit Rose

On the way back, we go along the Côte de Granit Rose taking advantage of geological and historical explanations of the guide. This discovery of the coast and its colors from the sea offers us a grandiose and unique landscape before reaching our starting point and ending the excursion.

We will keep an unforgettable memory of this playful stroll, discovering the paradise of “our feathered friends.”



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Excursion to the 7 Islands

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1h45 non-stop excursion
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  • Children’s price (from 3 to 12 years old) : 16,50€
  • Pets not allowed

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