Ile Milliau en face du port de TrébeurdenIle Milliau en face de Trébeurden. L'île est accessible à marée basse.
©Ile Milliau à Trébeurden|Alexandre Lamoureux
A family picnicon Milliau Island

Milliau, a Breton island at low tide

Since the beginning of our vacation in Brittany, it is the first time that the children are ready before us in the morning, ultra motivated. Playing robinsons on a desert island, it gives wings to our budding explorers!

Family picnic on Milliau Island

Direction Trébeurden on the Pink Granite Coast, and more precisely Milliau Island. This pretty confetti shelters a thousand treasures jealously protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral. To get there, no pier: bring the walking schedules and a good pair of sneakers! Clement skies, tidal coefficient at 100: we have more than 3 hours to enjoy it today!

10:15 am – Waiting for the island to become a peninsula…

From the Castel, our team descends a few rocks to arrive at sea level. While waiting that the passage can be done dry feet, we observe the small animals in the puddles between the rocks. Fishermen on foot are already ready to search the foreshore.

10:40 am – The passage to Milliau Island finally opens

A hundred meters separates the island from the mainland, and in the middle, a rocky chaos to climb. The kids crab happily, the older ones helping the little ones. “Be careful with the seaweed anyway!”, slips them a regular. Fortunately, we had been warned to wear shoes well!

11h – The island is ours, the time of the low tide

A small rise in undergrowth, and we are in the heart of the island. We surprise some rabbits hopping in the moor. The landscape is grandiose! The golden gorse, the paths winding between the pink rocks, and especially the sight on the sea all around… The others climb the rocks, improvise a game of hide and seek. It is nice to see them running with such a feeling of freedom. We end up finding them under a dolmen behind the island’s stopover lodge.

12pm – 360° picnic

Our wanderings take us to the top of the island, where the house of Lucie Jourdan, Aristide Briand’s companion, was located. The 360° panorama is breathtaking: the ideal place for a picnic! We feel almost alone in the world, and what a pleasure to feel the rays of the spring sun licking our faces…

13:20 – Exploration of the maritime side of the island

At random paths, we continue our visit on the wilder western side. The vegetation beaten by the winds forms real tunnels of greenery. We walk on a carpet dotted with triquette garlic and wood hyacinths. Rejuvenating.

2pm – It’s only goodbye!

After this 3km walk, we are back at the top of the slipway, just in time to cross the passage before it is submerged.
Back on the Castel, while we make a small cuckoo to the Father Trébeurden who watches over the station, a small hand slips into mine: Dis, we will be able to spend the night on the island all together the next time?”

At each step, Adele, our photo fan, mitraille while muttering “Ohlala but it’s too beautiful!”

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