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All in a kayakStroll between islands and estuaries

Kayak in Plougrescant

Today is shaping up to be a great day! Our stuff is ready, we are on our way to Plougrescant, an ideal destination for family kayaking. We love to discover places in an unusual way! There is nothing more original! It is decided, I embark you in my day in Plougrescant!

An exceptional place

As we arrived in the morning, we were quickly amazed by the place. We regularly have the habit of hiking. We then started a small loop to discover the chasm more closely. This excursion, it is necessary to admit it, was more than particular! A real spectacle at every moment, the noise of the waves breaking on the rocks, the wind but also and especially the sight. The heap of rocks present, let our imagination run wild. In the distance, we observe a group of kayakers, back from their navigation. The small family loves the water, but we never tried the kayak. This afternoon, it will be our turn!


Kayak Rentals

The weather is good and the family is happy! So we rent a kayak for four people from a warm and experienced man. From there, we put on our life jackets. We obviously take the time to familiarize ourselves with the basics of kayak navigation, as it is a first for us. We learn how to hold our paddle, how to adjust our seats for more comfort and how to direct our kayak in full safety. It’s nice and warm, perfect for a little sea tour right?


Some valuable rules for navigation

Before the boat, our guide gives us key information for safe navigation here is a small summary list:

  • Wear a life jacket
  • Respect the navigation zones
  • Don’t sail alone

Boarding to everyone’s delight

We boarded from the customs hut and our guide directed us to the various small islands on the edges of the coast, Pors hir, Er Island and Loaven Island were on the route. We started paddling, at first timidly, then more and more sure as the minutes passed. We learn to steer our kayak and avoid the waves, having fun like children. We reach without too much difficulty the islands thanks to the precious advice of the guide. From there, the different landscapes that follow one another are beautiful, a real jewel of the region!

The time of the return

On the return, several possibilities are offered to us. Head to the point of the castle to observe the granite from another angle or visit one of the oyster ports and fish farms. The little plus of the club is that it also adapts according to the tides since it also offers hikes at low tide!


All hands on deck! It’s time to enjoy, for everyone’s sake!


1/2 day

30 euros adult

Le Canoe Kayak La Roche Derrien

The canoe kayak club welcomes you throughout the year to help you discover this activity! Team of qualified instructors, with courses adapted to all levels, they will make you discover the most beautiful landscapes of our region from the water. Whether for a day with family or friends, or for a more regular practice, the canoe-kayak club is the ideal place to experience unique sensations in the open air.

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