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Fishingon foot, at sea, in the river

Fishing in all its states

Fishing, an activity that is passed down from generation to generation. On the Pink Granite Coast, many are the fishing appointments for lovers of good fish or shellfish. Alone or in tribe, fishing is always a good moment to share with those who are here. Casting your line, looking under the rocks or scratching in the sand, reeling in traps, fishing is for all tastes.

Fishing from the little ones to the big ones

In the sea or river put on your boots and set out to discover marine species on the coast or fly fishing on the Léguer. Sumptuous rocky landscapes await you at low tide or along the banks of the rivers of the Trégor. It is under your feet that the crustaceans or the Atlantic salmon are hiding…

Activities along the water

All year long, multiple fishing activities are offered both on the maritime and river domains. The little ones can catch their first fish or discover the foreshore in search of small green crabs or go knife fishing armed with a bag of coarse salt. The more experienced can go to sea or learn fly fishing with professional guides along dedicated fishing routes. To each his own fishing, to each his own way.

Discover the fishing activities

Incredible ! During our vacations, the children took advantage of the high tides to fish for razor clams with coarse salt, it’s so much fun !!! I went to sea, with a guide, to fish for sea bass. And in addition, the whole family enjoyed an introduction to fly fishing in the river. So there! Friends fishermen, fishing is calling you!


Sea fishing

Eager to discover angling? In a boat or at the edge of a body of water, a rod and a few baits are enough so that once it starts to bend the children automatically get into the game. Once the fish is out they wear a smile that means a lot !

Discover sea fishing

Foot Fishing

Eager to discover the pleasures of foot fishing and take a deep breath of fresh air? With family or friends, put on your boots and grab your bucket for a game of foot fishing that’s sure to delight.

Discover foot fishing

River fishing

With a river classified as a wild river like the Leguer, no more excuses not to be tempted by river fishing. In this ideal setting and conducive to fishing, our bodies of water are just waiting for you, so go and discover the species that are hidden there, with family or friends, fishing will satisfy everyone.

Discover river fishing