Bag an Holl TrébeurdenBag an Holl Trébeurden
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A dozen nautical experiences to enjoy solo or with your tribe. Accompanied or in total freedom, become #capitained1day and come to verify that the Pink Granite Coast is also exceptional seen from the sea.

In solo or with his tribe

After the walk on the customs path and the lazing on the sand, we ventured on the water. “We’re by the sea and we don’t even go on it?!” says like a challenge, Martin, my son. He is right. So the adventure is at the end of the beach and the choice is easy with #capitained1jour: a brochure, 9 ideas for sea or river rides and a reservation in any tourist office and there you have it: for us it will be a small sailboat, with family and with skipper. Between the Bag an holl of Trébeurden and the Fillao in Perros-Guirec the choice is difficult: these two boats are of a foolproof stability and each proposed stroll is worth the detour.

Boarding in Trébeurden

We opt for the one in Trébeurden, departing from the port, boarding for grandfather with his cane is easier.
We board! First surprise: nothing moves! The heart beats a little stronger, but we are completely safe, well supervised by Christophe our guide.

The Pink Granite Coast seen from the sea

We who are complete neophytes are already hoisting the sails. The boat glides gently, in silence, and the coast seen from the sea is so different under this light. Even wilder! And the marine fauna that we approach around Molène Island is there to confirm it.

Taking the helm and being the #capitained1day

My husband, doped up by the iodine air, takes himself for a moment for a long-distance sailor and decides to take the helm. It is under Christophe’s advice – who also reassures me – that he brings us back to our starting point, happy and proud. Moments immortalized on our cell phones. Here, #capitained1jour takes all its meaning.

We will do it again during our stay. We hesitate between speed or slowness.

On the sand, I am looking for sensations

Either sand yachting at the nautical center of Plestin-les-Grèves: to us the great stretches of sand on the beach of Saint Efflam, at full speed. Bets are already open to the one who will get his wheels off first!!!

In the middle flows a river

.Or a quiet kayak descent of the river Le Léguer starting from the Sports Nature base in Lannion. Here no torrent, but a wild river lined with hundred-year-old trees. Funny feeling in the middle of pastures.

Our mood and the weather will decide.

I checked that the Pink Granite Coast is also exceptional from the sea!


a nautical experience in Brittany 100% natural pleasure

10 nautical activities to discover solo or with his tribe

In sea or river kayak outing, Stand Up Paddle, Bag An Holl sailboat, Fillao schooner, aquatic walk, palm hike…
Discovering the beauty and richness of the Bay of Sainte Anne to the port of Locquémeau, our seabed to the archipelago of the Isle of Er through the river of the Léguer.
Become #capitained1day to verify that the Pink Granite Coast is also exceptional from the sea.

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