Boat tripIn the heart of the coast

Boat trip along the Pink Granite Coast

Who says Pink Granite Coast says… seascapes! Canal, sea, lake, river or river, go and discover them during a cruise or boat trip! For a day, sailors and seasoned sailors alike can head for one of the most beautiful areas of Brittany during their vacation. Solo, with friends or family, come aboard and take a trip to the heart of Brittany’s rich and colorful heritage. In Brittany, cruises are fun! Welcome aboard.

A unique day trip on a boat in Brittany

In Brittany, we hold on to the wave and the wind. Heave high! What better way to spend your vacation on the Brittany coast than aboard a small motorboat or sailboat to sail on the water? Departing from a Breton port, take to the sea with the family and the children for a cruise that leads you happily to new horizons.

On the Pink Granite Coast, boat-wise, there is something for everyone. If you’re a fan of slow tourism, kayak, paddle, sailboat, boat or pinasse will make you navigate the water gently. Those who prefer strong sensations can choose a motorboat! Whatever your boat of choice, the boating professionals will be able to guide you.


Discover the sites of Brittany during a walk along the water

A boat trip is also an opportunity to discover the natural and preserved marine landscapes of Brittany.

Here, the time of a marine walk, head for a unique encounter with protected species on the archipelago of 7 Islands in Perros-Guirec. From the nautical base located on the large beach of Tresmeur, with or without a guide, walk along the Pointe du Castel in Trébeurden. Don’t miss to take pictures during your visit!

On the river side, the town of La Roche Jaudy warmly welcomes you for your day cruise! Starting from the town’s nautical base, set off to discover the meandering estuaries of the Jaudy and Guindy. These will have no more secrets for you after your cruise! In short, the Pink Granite Coast is the place to be for a beautiful boat ride along the water.

Boat rides according to your desires…

Don’t fancy booking a cruise on your own? Then discover the Pink Granite Coast with our many boat rides supervised by a guide! Does the bag An Holl in Trébeurden or the Marie Georgette in Plougrescant ring a bell? These boats will be delighted to welcome you for a trip! Aboard them, discover the coast seen from the sea, as well as the numerous archipelagos that hide the Pink Granite Coast. An ideal commented stroll to realize in family to amaze small and big sailors!

During our vacations on the Pink Granite Coast, we had the chance to go on board of different boats, to discover the Breton nature under another angle. It’s the perfect activity to share a good moment with your family, and to make the children happy! During this outing on the water, a postcard landscape passed before our amazed eyes. Here are the sites we preferred to visit by boat!


Cap on the Pointe du Yaudet


During your vacations on the Pink Granite Coast in Brittany, go and discover the Pointe du Yaudet. The ideal? A boat trip of course! Located in the heart of the natural setting of the Leguer estuary, this natural fortress has controlled one of the main access routes to the interior of Brittany for more than 2000 years. The ideal place for an outing on the water! During your boat ride, enjoy the exceptional view on the granite chaos of the point, and the panorama on the Bay of the Virgin on the other side. Ready to get on board?

Discover the Pointe du Yaudet during a boat ride

Discovery of the castle of Costaérès between land and sea


How to talk about boat trip in Brittany without evoking even one island? That of the castle of Costaérès is located near the town of Trégastel, facing the beaches of Tourony and Saint Guirec in Ploumanac’h. The beach is separated from the island by the channel of the port of Ploumanac’h formed by the Grand Traouïero river. Once you arrive on the island, go to the castle, to enjoy a direct view of the Men Ruz de Ploumanac’h lighthouse, Renote Island and the Seven Islands archipelago. Why not discover these wonders during a boat trip? The ideal is to devote part of your day to this outing along the water, to admire the view on the castle and its surroundings.

Walk along the water on the Pors Termen beach side


The beach of Trébeurden is a small gold mine, off the main beach of Tresmeur. This one is even more pleasant, thanks to its landscapes full of small islands out of the water are beautiful there. Booking a boat trip around its coasts promises beautiful views, especially on Milliau Island. An unmissable excursion during a vacation in Brittany!

Discover Pors Termen beach

A day at Port – Blanc between leisure and beach activities


Why not dedicate one day of your vacation to the pleasures of water sports? Thanks to the ten or so islands and islets present near the shore of Port-Blanc, pleasure boat lovers and kayakers enjoy an exceptional site! The advantage? This one is naturally sheltered from the wind and the swell, characteristic of the open sea of Brittany.

Here, each flow of the tide offers a changing show for the boats on a stroll and/or visit nearby. The sea discovers one moment the foreshore drawing an impressive lunar landscape, and the next moment, it sets off again to assault the granite rocks of the archipelago. A marine outing between the beauty of nature and outdoor recreation!”

Discover all the leisure activities of Port Blanc

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