Pêche à la mouche sur le LéguerPêche à la mouche sur le Léguer
©Pêche à la mouche sur le Léguer|L'Oeil de Paco / Jean-François Le Bescond
A day of fly fishingon the Leguer

Meeting with a fishing guide

To live a sportive and exciting day in search of the king fish of the wild river of the Léguer, was my desire of the moment, with the opening of the fishing which announced itself. I am a pure city dweller, these moments in solo are real resources. I leave everything behind me, job, husband and children. Salmo salar is a proud fighter that is deserved and offers beautiful emotions far from the world.

Help, please!

Not knowing the river and its pools, I decide to maximize my chances and go with a guide. Via the website of the tourist office, I find the rare pearl, a 100% salmon guide. Contact is made with Bruno. To spend an unforgettable day, I list my expectations and desires. As a fine connoisseur he makes me wait until the right weather window, with the right water levels. Appointment is taken !

Debriefing with our feet in the water

We meet at the Losser mill in Tonquédec. The setting is splendid, a postcard image with its mill, its wheel, its rocky cliff and a piece of river wide open. While choosing the right fly, Bruno explains the place to me. Here, we are on the line dedicated to salmon fly fishing and no-kill. A French first! We go down in the water and here we go.

Flexibility and patience along the water

Salmon fishing is a random fishery where mother patience is required. Bruno advises me. “Go closer to the edge and follow the vein of water on your left.” He refines my technique. “More flexibility in the wrist and let more line run.” Finally I hook a salmon!

Returning a wild fish to the water, what an experience

Slowly, but with an iron hand in a velvet glove, I bring my catch back to me. Bruno takes out his landing net and gently plucks the catch. He invites me to grab it by the tail and support it by the abdomen. The animal is beautiful. We remove the fly which has just stung its mouth. The camera is out to immortalize this unforgettable moment. I let the wild animal regain its senses before releasing it. With a stroke of the flipper, it runs away without asking for its rest.

Of course this is only a story…

Because salmon fishing, everywhere in the World and singularly in France is extremely random and this is moreover its main charm. The capture of a salmon, especially on the fly, requires many days of effort and diligence, an impeccable technique and… a lot of luck. But the Léguer is undoubtedly one of the very few French rivers where you can hope to experience the ultimate emotion, the one that will mark your life as a fisherman.
So, ready?

The salmon in my hands, I feel the life of this wild river. It’s time to give it back its freedom.

No-Kill fly fishing

on the Leguer

Fishing for salmon with flies and returning them to the water

A first experiment in France! The Atlantic salmon constitutes a remarkable but fragile fish heritage. To develop its fishing to participate in the tourist development of the territory, constitutes a challenge. Take up the challenge and try to lure the spring salmon, on the Leguer, by putting it back in the water after your beautiful fight.

Three fly courses on the Leguer

Dedicated exclusively to the fly fishing technique, come and enjoy unforgettable fishing experiences for pure pleasure.

  • Kernansquillec fly course
  • Losser fly course
  • Traou-Morvan fly course

Cultivating experiences