Pêche à la mouche sur le Léguer CopiePêche à la mouche sur le Léguer
©Pêche à la mouche sur le Léguer |Eric Hamon Aappma Argoat Gl2017
Catching my first fishin the Poulloguer pond

I catch my first fish

Great, it’s the summer vacations! But what can I do with my 5-year-old daughter, who’s full of life and curious about nature? Let’s get off the beaten track and head south for a no-mask, no-snorkel dive in our Breton rivers. Today, we’re off to try our hand at catching her first fish!

Ready for discovery

At the Lannion Tourist Office, we were given a brochure with all the dates suitable for my pitchoune. I even think moms who don’t know anything about it can give it a try… Boots on, snack bag on our backs, we’re ready for the experience!

The Poulloguer pond is a perfect place to start!

Here, we’re lucky enough to have a number of small, safe ponds… Ideal for young children! Rendezvousing at 2.30pm, we arrive at the parking lot. We’re greeted by a sign showing us, on a map, the facilities and different environments of this natural area.

From flax growing to ecotourism

We learn that this pond, created by man in the 13th century, was used for retting flax before turning the mill wheel. Today, an ecotourism project combines a gîte in the mill, a 1.5 km discovery trail and 9,000 m² of open-air cultural facilities. So much to enjoy in complete safety! Finally, we rejoin the group that has gathered near the Théâtre de Verdure, around the guide.

Tell me, Mum, what is spearfishing?

It’s going to be a very vocabulary-filled day! Spearfishing, hooking, baiting, baiting… But the learning doesn’t stop there. The instructor has brought all the necessary equipment with him and distributes it to everyone: rod, line, hook, bucket… He goes through everything, showing us every object we touch. He follows up with a recipe for preparing the groundbait. Manon is delighted to get her hands dirty in the water!

Listening and learning

Manon’s interest is captured and, despite her young age, she scrupulously follows the instructions. She listens attentively to how to set her hook, cast her line and unhook the fish. She even memorizes the names of the fish she’s going to catch in the pond, thanks to the drawing board. Then it’s time to learn the right moves. On the grass, as if for real, she positions herself and casts the line. “Too low, Mom!”

Then comes the practice

Now we’re ready for the real thing. We cross the road to position ourselves along the bank. Everyone at a safe distance from each other, so as not to catch fish with 2 legs. And off we go to catch our first fish. Manon tosses her bait pellets into the water to attract the fish. She sets up her rod and waits patiently. But soon she cries out, “Mom, I caught a fish, my rod is pulling.

At last, the first catch!

She then pulls the little fish out of the water and, with the help of the instructor, does a little memory work. What’s this one’s name again? I think it’s a small roach. Do you remember how to take it off the hook? No, and I’m afraid of hurting it. Don’t worry, the instructor guides her and helps her make the right gesture. She takes it in her hands to show me. So proud of her!

On the way home, I’m asked: “Say, Mom, can we do it again?” “Yes, and if you like, there are also dates to learn how to catch the fish in the river.”

Manon strikes up a conversation: “Here, little roach, go back to the water, you’ve got to grow up, you’re too small”. She understands everything…

Cultivating experience