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All your questions about river fishing

Find the most frequently asked questions about river fishing! Find in our FAQ, the regulations, how to get your fishing card, the types of fish to catch… Take advantage of our answers to be sure to fish in good conditions, by cultivating the essential !

Fishing permits
  • Where to buy your fishing card ?

    Buy your fishing card in our different information offices.

    • Lannion ITB : 02 96 05 60 70
    • Plestin-les-Grèves ITB : 02 96 35 61 93
    • Pleumeur-Bodou ITB : 02 96 23 91 47
    • Plouaret ITB : 02 96 38 33 84
    • Trébeurden ITB : 02 96 23 51 64
    • Trégastel ITB : 02 96 15 38 38
    • Where to remove your migratory ring?

      You can pick up your migratory ring at these different locations:

      • Lannion ITB: 02 96 05 60 70
      • Plouaret ITB: 02 96 38 33 84
      • Lannion Decathlon: 02 96 48 50 52
    • How does reciprocity work?

      LTC is covered by 3 local AAPPMA

      • AAPPMA Le Léguer
      • AAPPMA de Tréguier
      • AAPPMA de Pontrieux

      These 3 asso have a well-defined territory of competence.
      Since 2020, all AAPPMA are reciprocal with the department and the entente halieutique du grand ouest (EHGO = federal level). Concretely, when a fishing association is in the federal reciprocity, it is enough for its members to buy a card to fish in the EHGO (34 departments), or even on the whole France (except 6 departments). For more information:
      Fishermen who have a Major Person card from 22, can fish anywhere in the department.
      Fishermen who come from another department and only have the Major Person card from their department, must buy the Entente Halieutique du Grand Ouest (EHGO) sticker.

    The regulation
    • General regulations

      Refer to the 2 annual prefectural orders, for catch sizes, dates, quotas, etc…:
      Also available in the fisherman’s kits.

    • Specific regulations for rivers

      It is to be confirmed in the departmental decrees

      The douron and its tributariesThe Finistère regulations apply there, as well as on its tributaries: the Squiriou (on Botrsorhel, Guerlesquin and Plouégat-Moysan), the Dour Meur (On Plestin-Les-Grèves) and the Dour Uzel (on Trémel). With the departmental card of the AAPPMA of the Léguer, fishermen can fish on the Costarmorican bank, as well as on the tributaries mentioned above.
      The JaudyReopening to fishing in 2020, after 3 years of closure, for pollution. Attention specific regulation, refer to the prefectural decree.
    • Specific regulations for ponds

      It is to be confirmed in the departmental decrees

      Owner : Charles de Bois-Riou

      The 2 ponds are fishable, but mainly the one upstream from the road, from mid-March to mid-September. National regulations do not apply there. It is the owner who decides.

      L’étang du Moulin-Neuf, PlounérinOwner : LTC

      Plan of 2nd category water, accessible downstream of the buoy line, on a 10m strip from the bank. Three wooden pontoons approach the fishermen as close as possible to the heart of the pond. Classified Natura 2000 and integrated into the Regional Nature Reserve of the Landes, Praires and Ponds of Plounérin.

      • 4 rods allowed per fisherman
      • No boats or float-tubes allowed
      L’étang du Guic, Plougras/GuerlesquinOwner : Guerlesquin town hall

      Water body of 2nd category, accessible on the whole linear, except on the dam.

      • Follow the Finistère fishing regulations
      • Carnassial fishing is exclusively authorized with lures and fly fishing and no-kill pikes.
      • Boating and float-tube authorized according to municipal bylaw of Guerlesquin
      The ponds of Bois Riou, Trévou-Tréguignec
      L’etang du château, stang ar castel, TonquédecOwner : Bertrand de Rougé


      The St Michel reservoir, BrennilisIn addition to the fishing card, the fisherman will have to pay for a special “Lac St Michel” permit. This card is available here: cartedepê

      A specific departmental decree regulates fishing It can be accessed here


    • Specific regulations related to the courses

      Regulations to be confirmed in departmental orders

      Kernansquillec – Plounévez-Moëdec fly courseA 2 km course, located on the former Kernansquillec dam reservoir. Mandatory and free registration on federation-peche22

      All fish must be released.

      Losser Fly Course – Le Vieux-Marché / Pluzunet2 km course, located between the Losser and Kerven mills. Fishing not allowed on the right bank, around Coz Coat

      • Artificial fly fishing whipped exclusively
      • Barbless hook or crushed barb mandatory
      • Removal of caught fish immediately, except for salmon according to regulations.
      Tonquédec Castle Fly Course – Ploubezre/TonquédecA 2 km course, located between Tonquédec Castle and Kregrist Castle. Fishing not allowed on the right bank, around the Mill of Traoumorvan

      • Artificial fly fishing whipped exclusively
      • Hook without barb or crushed barb mandatory
      • Return to the water immediately of the captured catch, except for salmon according to regulations.
    • Species-related regulations

      Regulations are to be confirmed in the departmental orders

      Concerning salmon and sea trout (Different from brown trout)

      Required: inter-federal or departmental fishing card + migratory stamp + salmon ring + catch book to be completed immediately after the catch.

      • Whether no-kill or take, you need all these elements to not be ticketed.

      Salmon fishing is stopped when the TAC is reached (quota). Each river has a different TAC. So if the TAC is reached, the fisherman has the opportunity to go fishing on another river where the TAC is not yet reached, within the regulation of 2 spring salmon/fisherman.

      However, 2 other pieces of information are to be known:

      • The 2 spring salmon/fisherman regulation is only a regional regulation
      • The migratory ring is national

      To know the status of the catches linked to the TAC, 2 possibilities:

      • Consult the migratory ring depositories
      • If the fisherman is in possession of a migratory ring, he can connect to to access this information.
    • Are there any fish that we are allowed to eat? Which are not in no kill imperative

      No fish are no-killed in general. Some species are totally forbidden, others have a quota, others are in no-kill on a specific site. Ex: pike in no-kill on the pond of Guic

    • What are the fishing techniques?
      • At the blow and its variants (rather for white fish)
      • At the casts and its variants (rather for carnivores and trout and salmon and bass)
      • At the lures (rather for trout and salmon, bass, carnivores)
      • At the TOCs with natural baits (rather for trout)
      • At the fly (rather for trout and salmon but also for pike and bass)
    • Where to buy fishing equipment for river fishing?
      • For quality equipment: Philippe Le Maux in Morlaix.
      • For entry-level equipment: Decathlon Lannion is the best stocked. Affaires marine and comptoir de la mer in Lannion also have a little bit of equipment.

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