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Family and nature trail gamein Brittany

Treasure hunts in the Leguer valley

Are the days gone when picking up pretty rocks or singing was enough to get your kids or grandkids to follow you on your walks? Today, you have to be more ingenious to get them off the couch and get them to look up from their smartphones?

©Samuel Jouon

8 fun family walks

So try the geocaching experience, a real GPS treasure hunt in the middle of nature! Whether you are local or on vacation in Brittany, we offer 8 quests to go with your family to discover the heritage and landscapes of the Leguer Valley. It is THE game that makes children walk without even realizing it!

How do these high-tech treasure hunts work?

Just print out a roadmap and download a GPS hiking app on your smartphone. Then, enter the GPS coordinates of the starting point, and answer as a family the different riddles that will allow you to arrive safely, and especially to find the treasure!

Family Geocaching

5 good reasons

#1 to motivate the whole family to get moving

Thanks to the use of the smartphone, the riddles to solve, the treasure to be found, the kids don’t realize how much time they spend walking. They’re not going for a walk, they’re going for a treasure hunt, and that makes all the difference! Add that there are 12 badges with the effigy of the emblematic animals of the Leger Valley to collect, so 12 opportunities for outings.

#2 To discover secret corners

The Leguer Valley conceals innumerable unusual heritages, remarkable trees, preserved and original natural riches… Even if you are a pure trégorrois, you will discover totally unsuspected corners at the bend of the hollow paths!

#3 To experience moments of sharing between generations

The children are too proud to show the adults how the GPS works, while parents and grandparents let themselves be guided casually, slipping in a few personal anecdotes and tips for solving the riddles from time to time.

#4 To develop our attention to the present moment and nature

No need for theoretical knowledge to solve the riddles, just observe what is around us! In the end a good way to focus on the present moment, while awakening to local history and the riches of nature!

#5 Because it’s open all year and …

it’s free

or 4 to 6 € if you decide to rent a GPS at the tourist office in Plouaret or Belle-Isle-en-Terre.

Treasure hunts

in the Leguer valley

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