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Top 5 family walks

The paths that survey the natural sites of the Pink Granite Coast are conducive to family walks. From the Renote peninsula in Trégastel to the Sillon de Talbert, young and old alike can enjoy discoveries and memories to share.

The Renote peninsula


The Renote peninsula is one of the most beautiful walks our destination has to offer, and above all, this 2 km loop is easily accessible. All along the path you will discover a breathtaking landscape dotted with pink granite rocks with extravagant shapes. In some places you will even have to squeeze between these pink granite blocks. Ideal for a game of hide and seek!

Discover the Renote Peninsula

L’Etang du Moulin Neuf


This 3 km walk winds around the pond. Known for the richness of its fauna and flora, it conceals magnificent treasures! From the trail or the observatory you will open your eyes wide to certainly see an otter, a bat, a mallard, or even an ashy heron!

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With our feet in the water or our eyes fixed on the tall forests, every walk is a playground for my kids and a disconnect for us! Awesome!”


Le sillon de Talbert


Long of more than 3.2 km, this cordon of sand and pebbles jutting out into the sea invites you to take a stroll. An exceptional site, Le Sillon de Talbert in Pleubian is also an important place for bird nesting. Be careful where you put your feet!

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The forest of Beffou


It is in this magnificent forest massif that you will follow “Job the woodcutter”. Through this 2 kms loop you will discover the life of the forest, its flora, its fauna and its history. Different picnic areas allow you to take breaks and especially to appreciate the sounds of the forest. Shh!!

Discover the Beffou Forest

The valley of the Traouïéro


The Traouïéro were from all times a natural haunt of real and even fictional characters. By walking among these gigantic blocks of granite you will be transported into a magical universe. To be discovered without any hesitation!

Discover the valley of the Traouiéro

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Trégastel - Côte de Granit Rose
Trégastel - Côte de Granit Rose

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