Pêche à pied en famillePêche à pied en famille
©Pêche à pied en famille sur la Côte de Granit Rose|Alexandre Lamoureux
Fishing with the familyfrom generation to generation

Fishing with the family

Footfishing, a passion passed down from generation to generation! And my grandchildren can’t conceive of a vacation without fishing! Every year it’s on the agenda no matter what the weather. Here, nothing scares them !

©Alexandre Lamoureux

Rule #1:
check the tides

And yes! No fishing possible during small coëf! And then be careful! The fishing on foot it is not all the year! It is that they must reproduce these small beasts! So let’s give them time! The period being generally from November to March. On the site Viv’Armor you will find all the information.

The sun has a date with the moon!

Are you from the Mediterranean basin? Then the tides are a big mystery to you! A little explanation is in order. Tides are due to the attraction of the moon and the sun. Imagine a straight line: moon earth sun. There the attraction is important = very big tides! So when the moon and the sun are less distant = small tides otherwise called “still waters” because the sea hardly moves, like at home!”
Conclusion: it is more interesting to go fishing when the sea withdraws a maximum.

Rule #2:
prepare your equipment

The caliper to check the size of the shells, which you can get in tourist offices. Adept of clams, clams, cockles, I opt for a fork with 3 tines; Diane and Alex each have their umbrella whale and some salt for the knives? Not to mention their bucket and landing net.
There again, not everything is allowed: all kinds of rakes, forks, shovels … are not allowed. You can find everything on the internet, so feel free to consult.

Rule #3: outfit

This is weather dependent of course! But a windbreaker is never too much, and neither is sunscreen! The small feet with tender skin opt for plastic sandals: the rocks hurt!

We are all ready! Let’s go !

For having participated in the seaside discovery outing organized by the LPO at Ile Grande NOT FOR CHILDREN …. Diane watches me and her brother out of the corner of her eye, and checks that we are not digging too deep and that we are putting each returned pebble back in its place. She has learned her lesson well! She double-checks with her caliper the size of my catch: confidence reigns! But better 2 times than one and not to be verbalized!

Spotting the little holes

No matter how many times he sees them each year, Alex is still impressed by those little winding worm-shaped piles of sand and the little holes. This is not his first fishing trip and he now knows which shell it corresponds to. The sea is slowly rising, and with it the shells. Isn’t that a little jet of water we just saw coming out of a hole…the beast is not far away!

Shrimp, cockles, clams…and memories

Time has passed without us realizing it. Everyone takes inventory of their fishing: nice razor clams and cockles for Alex, a nice handful of shrimp for Diane, and clams for me! We will have something to nibble on this evening. But before “Clic Clac” photo that we send immediately to the parents: it will bring back old memories!.

Follow the guide of the natural spaces come alive

If fishing on foot is a mystery for you, then do not hesitate to follow the guides; you will find a program adapted to your desires in the program “natural spaces come alive”.
Happy fishing!.

Alex catches his first knife and is proud of it! Diane opts for shrimping.


it’s free

Responsible foot fishing

Good practices

  • check tide times
  • consult the day’s weather
  • respect fishing and consumption bans
  • respect authorized catch sizes and quantities
  • use authorized fishing gear
  • consume shellfish the same day
  • . consumption
  • respect authorized catch sizes and quantities
  • use authorized fishing gear
  • consume shellfish the same day
  • dispose of dead, broken or foul-smelling shellfish

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