Pêche à pied à TrébeurdenPêche à pied à Trébeurden
©Pêche à pied à Trébeurden|Emmanuel Berthier
The pink granite coastWITH THE FAMILY

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Family vacations in Brittany! The Côte de Granit Rose will satisfy all your desires for discovery, leisure activities, laughter and, above all, memories to share with your children for a long time to come. Whether you’re looking for playful experiences, iodine-filled activities, the chance to get moving or simply to let go as a family, the Côte de Granit Rose is here to help you make the most of your stay.


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The team at the Côte de Granit Rose Tourist Office welcomes you all year round to advise you on the many guided tours available in the area.

Tour guide

If you’d like to take your time and discover all the possibilities for leisure activities, you can leaf through our guide to prepare your stay.

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