Animals at the topof the Pink Granite Coast

Top 7 animals of the Pink Granite Coast

At sea or on land, the Pink Granite Coast has an unsuspected fauna, in these protected natural sites! We let you discover them in this Breton bestiary, between mammals and birds.


On a sea trip to the 7 islands, you may be lucky enough to come across dolphins! These marine mammals prefer the deep waters of the open sea, but are sometimes seen near the Breton coast and the British Isles… Take a picture of them and share it with #cotedegranitrosetourism!

The puffin

A true emblem of the Pink Granite Coast, the puffin is a pretty little bird that tends to live in colonies instead! This mascot with black and white plumage is easily recognizable thanks to its large, triangular, colorful beak.

I was lucky enough to see dolphins and seals on my visit to the 7 Islands Archipelago! While there, I also saw puffins and gannets. Too good!!!


The Otter

If you wander inland, you will have the opportunity to come across otters. These mammals can sometimes be caught in streams lying on their backs, or holding hands to keep from drifting!

Gray Seals

As charming as dolphins, gray seals love to come bask off the Pink Granite Coast. Their favorite activity? Sunbathing on the rocks! So keep your eyes open during your walks to observe these small mammals there!

The Atlantic salmon

Direction to the Leguer, where we can find a well-known fish: the Atlantic salmon, a fish of 135cm for 25kg on average. This one is also called the “lost salmon”: indeed its ancestors, rather accustomed to salt water, crossed the oceans in order to join the fresh waters of the Breton coastal rivers to then leave in direction of the sea.



Familiarly known as the “sea horse,” the seahorse is found primarily in temperate and tropical waters around the world, but it’s still not unusual for divers to encounter it off the Pink Granite Coast!”

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