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Top 5 forest walks

Slip on your hiking boots and get your camera ready, we present our top 5 walks to do in the forest!

Getting some height


The forest of Beffou or “the residence of the beeches” is a massif full of history! Originally a metallurgical site, this forest is crossed by an ancient Roman road and hides in its heart one of the longest covered alleys in Brittany: the Brohet alley. This massif of 630 ha is also the highest in Brittany.

Discover the forest of Beffou

When nature takes back its rights


Go for a walk in the largest wooded massif of the coast. Going for a hike in the Lann Ar Waremm wood, “Landes à garennes” in French, is to go and meet 3 different landscapes: moors, woods and meadows! These former farmlands now give way to 300 hectares of biodiversity.

Discover the Lann Ar Waremm wood

A great walk in the forest , the light was beautiful ! My only regret is not to have crossed Korrigans !


Remember time


Everyone knows the castle that overlooks this valley but take a little time to discover this forest where nature, wild river and vestiges of the past meet, enjoy a few moments of calm in this haven of peace far from the turpitudes of the city.

Discover the site of Tonquédec

At the meeting of the Korrigans


Adventure in this forest with the appearance of a fairy tale, den of korrigans and other imaginary creatures, let yourself be bewitched by the atmosphere of this place and discover all the legends that are linked to it. Several visits are regularly organized in the heart of this mysterious forest.

Discover the valley of Traouïéro

A welcoming undergrowth


Let’s conclude this top with this charming valley crossed by a stream and dotted with the remains of old mills! Between Plougrescant and Plouguiel this undergrowth is also a land of legend surely sheltering some legendary beings.

Discover the Lizildry valley

And more

on the Pink Granite Coast
Sur la Côte de Granit Rose, une nature grandiose et protégée
Sur la Côte de Granit Rose, une nature grandiose et protégée
Sur la Côte de Granit Rose, une nature grandiose et protégée

Be the best

the top of the Pink Granite Coast