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Top 10 natural sites

Take the time to discover these 10 natural sites on the Pink Granite Coast, the perfect places to take a nice family walk and cultivate the essentials!

Presqu’île Renote


Presqu’île Renote in addition to being one of the most beautiful walks in our destination is also a pretty little piece of paradise that offers beautiful panoramas, the perfect place for a sea picnic!

Discover Renote Peninsula

Castel Erek

Pleumeur Bodou

This granite promontory bordered by the sea and lulled by birdsong is a beautiful example of preserved coastline. As the colors of the granite change depending on the light, don’t hesitate to come several times!

Discover Castel Erek

Sillon de Talbert


A true symbol of the region, the Sillon de Talbert is a must-see! This coastal strip of sand and pebbles extends over 3.2km long! Amateur of ornithology be on the lookout! The furrow is an important place for migration and nesting due to its extraordinary flora!

Discover the Sillon de Talbert

Gouffre de Plougrescant


A true geological curiosity, the gouffre is the perfect place for a little stroll, with the sea on one side and the granite reefs on the other, you’ll have plenty to see! And if you’re attentive you may even recognize a few rocks with familiar shapes ….

Discover the Gouffre de Plougrescant

Between the beauty of the granite and the singing of the seagulls, I had an unforgettable time and was able to take some great photos! A must-see!


Forêt de Beffou


Come and lose yourself in this forest massif of more than 630 ha which shelters in its heart “le pavé” which is the highest point of the Trégor at 322 m height. You will find there hiking and cycling paths.

Discover the Forest of Beffou

Etang du moulin neuf


This small pond is a refuge for local wildlife! Sit in the observation hut on the edge of the pond and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to spot an otter or grey heron!

Discover the Etang du Moulin Neuf

Marais du Quellen


Come and discover this marsh separated from the channel by a dune cordon. Between two intimate and bucolic landscapes, meet the Camargue horses introduced here a few years ago.

Discover the Quellen Marsh

Cliffs of Trédrez


The Pink Granite Coast is not the only one that is exceptional! The cliffs of Trédrez are a set of rocky coasts that extends over about 4.5km and whose beauty will leave you speechless!

Discover the cliffs of Trédrez

Archipel des 7 îles


Enjoy a cruise off the coast of the 7 islands to get an up-close look at the 30,000 pairs of birds that populate the archipelago! If you’re lucky you might even see a seal!

Discover the 7 islands


Plounévez-Moëdec > Lannion

In the heart of a wooded valley, between boulders and clumps of royal Osmonde, the Léguer finds its way to Lannion. Salmon and otters have taken up residence here. Walk along its banks to discover the only river labeled “Wild Rivers Site” in Brittany.

Discover the Le Léguer

60 natural sites

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Islands, forests, moors, rivers

If this selection has made your mouth water, find 50 other natural sites or 200 hectares including 3 nature reserves with 6000 different species of fauna and flora!

Good practices

These natural sites are fragile. We ask you to respect the following recommendations to reconcile public frequentation and the preservation of biodiversity:

  • Stay on the trails
  • Respect the facilities
  • If its presence is allowed, Keep your dog on a leash
  • Be discreet for the tranquility of wildlife
  • Don’t pick pebbles
  • Take pictures of flowers rather than pick them
  • Take out your trash
  • Check tide times before heading out onto the foreshore

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