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The korrigans of TraouïérosA valley between nature and legend

The korrigans of Traouïéro

Big sunshine this morning! Ideal conditions to stretch the legs. My friends from Doubiens, who arrived 1 week ago, know the GR34 and our pretty beaches by heart. But there is a place that they do not know, 57 hectares all the same, which conciliates nature, history, legend… a condensed which will be able only to please them, I speak about the magnificent valley of Traouïero.

Nature walk

I hesitate to do this outing solo. In the end, I opt for a guided tour, you learn and discover so much more! I consult the Nature Spaces Come Alive guide to find out the schedule. It falls well: there is one in 2 hours!”
Hiking shoes put on, camera and water bottle in the backpack, here we go. Meeting point at the tide mill on the bridge of Ploumanac’h. Here, this one also we will have to visit it!

3 hours of walking await us

But beware: quiet! As we enter this undergrowth we have the impression of arriving in another world! No more noise except the song of the birds and the one of the small stream the Kerougant which marks the separation between the cities of Perros-Guirec and Trégastel. To access from one bank to the other, we pass over a tombstone dating from 1833. Quite surprising, but not at the time, it was common to give them a second life!

A preserved natural site

The sense of smell is on alert! The vegetation is lush and very varied. Oaks and chestnut trees form a vault, hiding the sky from us in places. Fond of flora, my friend Guillaume is in the “7th sky”. Along the walk, we discover a fern more than 300 million years old, royal osmonds, various lichens … As far as I am concerned I have big gaps on the names of plants, but I recognize some of them: heather, gorse, Venus navel, nice name!

History side

Our guide is not left out! 8 granite pillars attest to the presence of a rolling bridge to transport in carts, the granite blocks from the quarry to the lower part of the valley.

A place of life and passage

Here we are in front of the leper’s cave…which was occupied by a hermit; we can guess his trough dug in the granite, where good people came to deposit food for him; then comes the smugglers’ one in which horses were hidden during the war, a place of gallant rendezvous too. I wonder about the authenticity of these revelations! One can imagine that this valley was rather frequented!


And the korrigans? Well they too had their cave! Laurent, who was a bit behind, suddenly wakes up! Legends are his hobby! But for this theme, we made an appointment for a night outing told in this same valley. Torchlight to be foreseen, you never know! It would be frowned upon to walk on a small nocturnal inhabitant !

Finally 3 hours… it passes quickly !

As soon as the sun goes down, the korrigans come out of the bowels of the earth to dance and sing but be careful if you run into them…



per person

Guided tour of the valley of traouiéro

  • meet at the Trégastel Tide Mill
  • duration 3h00
  • prevent walking shoes or sports shoes
  • not suitable for strollers

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