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Natural spaces come alive

Curious to discover life on the beach at low tide, to understand the phenomenon of the tides? Want to recognize the songs of the birds of the Breton bocage, to leave on the tracks of the otter in the valley of the Léguer? Want simply to know more about the flora and fauna of Brittany, and the way man has shaped the landscape?

100% natural experiences

600 animations

From April to November, the environmental education professionals of the Pink Granite Coast and the Trégor give you multiple appointments with an incredible and sometimes surprising biodiversity, on the protected natural areas of the destination. A fun way to discover the territory, and to awaken the ecological awareness of young and old!

Consciousness animators and knowledge brokers

During these nature outings, it is through experimentation and by awakening your senses that these brokers will transmit their knowledge to you :

  • exploring puddles at low tide with magnifying boxes, closely examining sea anemones and crustaceans, and understanding their superpowers for living here
  • in autumn, observing migratory birds stopping over on Ile Grande or Sillon de Talbert with a spyglass
  • making sounds and games with treasures found in the sunken pathways
  • experiencing nature at dusk, flashlight in hand, to discover batrachians, owls and other damselflies of the night near the ponds
  • put on boots and rediscover the pleasure of bushwalks in the forest, go to meet the carnivorous plants of the nature reserve of Plounérin…

Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will understand


More than 1500 hectares of protected natural sites

Mother Nature has offered Brittany an incredible diversity of landscapes and natural environments. The Bretons have always been cœ to preserve them.
On the Brittany Pink Granite Coast destination, more than 1500 hectares of natural sites are protected thanks to the joint action of the coastal conservatory, the departmental council, the agglomeration and the communes.

Here, no excessive urbanization, nature is a common good, we love it and we respect it!

You too can participate in its preservation:

  • be discreet for the tranquility of animals
  • stay on the trails to limit the impact on the environment
  • respect the facilities
  • take pictures of the flowers rather than picking them
  • carry your waste
  • keep your dog on a leash.

The 2023 program

Each year, the leaders imagine new approaches to allow you an active discovery of natural environments and to weave a sensitive and respectful link with nature. Explore, smell, experiment, let yourself be guided, there is something for everyone!