Forêt de BeffouForêt de Beffou
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Take a forest bathDisconnection in the forests of Trégor

Forest bath

We do take sea baths on the Pink Granite Coast so why not forest baths in Brittany? Does the idea seem crazy to you? Yet this practice from Japan even has a name: Shinrin-yoku. Its health benefits are scientifically proven: walking for 20 minutes in contact with the forest reduces the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, and boosts our immune defenses!

A 100% relaxing experience

Disconnect in the Breton forest

So don’t hesitate any longer, put on your boots, dare to venture into the undergrowth, go hunting for mushrooms or chestnuts… And let yourself be won over by the reassuring and relaxing energy of the forests and remarkable trees of the Tregor!

Stimulate the senses

As you pass by, observe the shades of green of the leaves and ferns, inhale the smells of humus and mushrooms, listen to the whisper of the wind, the tap-tap of a black woodpecker in the distance… Compare the different textures of the bark, dip your fingers into the soft green mosses… And if you feel like it, maybe go so far as to put your ear against a trunk to hear its sap flowing…

Connecting to the earth

Focus on each of these small miracles of nature. You anchor yourself in the present, connected to the Earth and to yourself: soothed. The therapeutic effects can last for days after immersion!

The tree is such a generous organism that it offers shade to those who come to cut it down.

Francis Hallé

Where to recharge with the trees?

For a total immersion in the forest:

  • Go to Loguivy-Plougras, in the forest of Beffou (the residence of the beeches in Breton). It is the highest forest in Brittany, and it is also a recognized spot for mushroom lovers!”
  • Lann Ar Waremm in Pleumeur-Bodou is a coastal woodland that offers a multitude of quiet walks among oaks, birches and royal osmonds;
  • All the bottoms of valleys are full of hollow paths and beautiful specimens of oaks, beeches and chestnut trees … the gurgling of the water soothing in the background.

To draw strength and anchorage in front of century-old trees:
In the bocage, in public parks or near churches, many unusual trees punctuate the landscape of our villages. Among them, 11 specimens deserve a real detour.

To let yourself be guided and awaken

as a family to the sylvan nature

Recognize the bird songs, learn to pick mushrooms, make bush toys, discover edible plants… Multiple nature animations supervised by enthusiasts will allow you to fully enjoy the wealth of our forests.