Marché de LannionMarché de Lannion
©Marché de Lannion|Yann Josselin
Taste explorationat the market of Lannion

Explore the market of Lannion

Every vacation season, we love to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of markets like the one in Lannion and do our shopping directly from the producers. Stop the hectic pace and the drive recovered in a hurry after work… Blend in among locals and tourists, exchange with producers, get a nose and taste buds full… For us there is no better way to discover a destination!

The unavoidable Thursday market in Lannion

So here we are on this Thursday morning heading to the weekly market in Lannion. The biggest of the Côtes d’Armor if we believe our host. “You’ll see, you can find everything there!”
On his advice, we decide not to go too late, and to park on the heights of the city at the free parking of the Ursulines.

Le terroir trégorrois en circuit court

Baskets under the arm, we let ourselves be guided by the other walkers to the rue Savidan, where the small stalls of producers follow one another. The market gardeners, who are legion in this large vegetable production area, proudly display cocos de Paimpol, artichokes and tomatoes.

Colors and smells of the Trégor

Crepes simmer on biligs, bacon dishes simmer in big pots, and fishermen bustle around next to oyster producers… Everything the Trégor does best in gastronomy is at hand, and our taste buds salivate with anticipation!

Sensory immersion in the heart of the historic city

We let ourselves be tempted by artichokes. It must be said that since the beginning of our stay we can’t stop seeing their heads emerging from the fields on the roadside! A producer of cheeses of ewe bio alpague us and the tasting finishes convincing us. Hop, in the basket, as the freshly fished mackerels which made us of the eye under the markets.

A pause in terrace

Place of the Center, one settles down in the terrace of a coffee at feet of magnificent houses with wood sides. I love this atmosphere, the smells of here and there, the rumor of the growing crowd that mingles with the tirades of the street vendors and the notes ginned up by some musicians…

Gifts “made in Breizh”

Then our quest for souvenirs leads us to a small designer store and in front of a salted butter caramel maker. We go back down to the docks, tasting a sausage cake while strolling among the trinket and clothing hawkers. Our host is right, we really find everything !
We rest for a moment on a bench in front of the Leguer before leaving, full and ensued by this very pleasant sensory experience.

The charm of the Lannion market is the terroir and heritage! And the basket full of local flavors.

This is on


all year round

The largest market

  • the market stretches from Quai d’Aiguillon to the Ursulines and Marchallac’h Square
  • from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the food market

    all day long for the rest of the merchants