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In search of theErnest Renan's secret manuscript

Treasure hunt in the heart of Tréguier

It is said that after the death of Ernest Renan, a famous writer, one of his manuscripts was allegedly hidden in his hometown. It’s up to us to find it! Our quest goes through the Tréguier Tourist Office to provide us with the 2.0 track game that will make us discover this Small City of Character along the alleys and historical monuments, while having fun.

The Secret Manuscript

To begin the scavenger hunt, it is stated, that despite years of unsuccessful research, the descendants of the famous writer have decided to reveal, in the open, the existence of this secret manuscript and offer a reward to whoever finds it.
We are players, so we make teams. Alexis with Lise and Ernest, hold Ernest ! I am with Maÿliss and Léa. Between us, it is with the one who will find the secret manuscript before the others. So, we check the battery of our smartphones ! We are OK to flash the QR codes that will guide us to discover the history of Tréguier and its illustrious characters.

Enigmas and challenges at each stage

So we orient ourselves thanks to the QR codes that reveal to us, at each stage, quizzes, challenges, riddles. Each time, they are additional clues to decode the mystery sentence that will lead us to the secret manuscript, hidden for almost 130 years now. Maÿliss and Léa often come on vacation in the Trégor, they are very excited when they find the answers and sometimes we even run to outrun our friends. Me, I discover this episcopal city with joy and amusement!

Tréguier, Petite Cité de Caractère

We discover Tréguier at the bend of each alley, the half-timbered houses and monuments are truly authentic. “This is what makes Tréguier a Petite Cité de Caractère de Bretagne”, explains Maÿliss with mischief! In fact, she’s connected to her smartphone, looking for clues on the Tourist Office’s website. “Hey, this is too easy! But too good!” launches Léa.

Last riddle for fun

We are reaching the end! Along the way, through the riddles and quizzes, our general culture has grown. One more QR code and we can decipher the coded message that will lead us to the secret manuscript. As we read the last riddle, we hear our friends, but opponents of the day: Alexis, Lise and Ernest who exclaim, “They’re over there!” Quickly, we continue on our way thinking about this last challenge! Suddenly, Léa exclaims…

And then, sharing with her tribe

We met up with the rest of the tribe at the Tourist Office. Then, we walked through Treguier and its alleys again, with a new look, to have a drink on a terrace. There, we could exchange on our adventure: “Le Seum! I turned 5 minutes around 3rd QR code while it was under my eyes ! But, too good the riddle on”…. Shh!!

Now to you!

I’m not telling you if we found Ernest Renan’s secret manuscript. But, if so, we may have hidden it, again, so that with your children, your friends, finally your tribe can also take pleasure in the discovery of Tréguier and its treasures.


It’s okay! I’ve got the answer, we’re too good! Yes! The manuscript is ours now!



The treasure hunt in search of the secret manuscript

The booklet of the treasure hunt in the heart of Tréguier can be picked up at the reception of the Tréguier Tourist Information Office.
Children from 8 years old, accompanied by an adult, can participate in the treasure hunt.

To go on a quest for the secret manuscript, you will need:

  • A smartphone connected to the network to discover the riddles.
  • About 1h30 to discover the cache of Ernest Renan’s manuscript.

Finally, don’t forget to finish your journey by our Information Office in Tréguier: a reward awaits you there.

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