Château de KergristLe château de Kergrist à Ploubezre propose des visites des jardins et du château.
©Château de Kergrist et son jardin à Ploubezre|Alexandre Kozel
Dungeons and DragonsThe castles of Trégor

The castles of Trégor

Erected, plundered, rebuilt, dismantled, transformed, they have seen generations pass by, suffered assaults, kept secrets in the hollow of their hundred-year-old walls…
In the Trégor, four castles, timeless witnesses of the History of Brittany, open their doors to medieval history buffs, lovers of beautiful residences, and simply to all the curious who have kept the soul of a lord or a knight!

©Loïc Lagarde

Tonquédec Castle

Immersion in the Middle Ages

With its eleven towers, drawbridge, bailey and machicolations, Tonquédec Castle looks like it’s straight out of a history book! Add to these military relics some replicas of medieval armor, and let’s go for a visit where the imagination of children will have no limit! Finally a castle where knights and princesses for a day can explore the nooks and crannies, and discover hidden rooms at the bend of a staircase!
A must-see: the exceptional view of the wooded valley of the Léguer from the top of the two main keeps.


Château de La Roche-Jagu

Wandering out of time

Same era, different atmosphere at the Château de La Roche-Jagu. Overlooking the Trieux estuary, it is a proud stone vessel planted on its rocky spur, in the middle of a wonderful park.
Interior, the monumental fireplaces, the parapet walk and the frame so well highlighted serve as a timeless setting for artistic and multisensory exhibitions of high quality.
Outdoors, time has no hold… From the palm grove to the medieval gardens, via the camellia alley and the orchard, it’s an endless playground for children and strollers.


Château de Rosanbo

Classical castle at the bend in the road

For more than 500 years in the same family, the château de Rosanbo in Lanvellec has been a majestic witness to six centuries of architectural evolution.
The guided tours of the remarkably furnished residence project us into the daily life of a château in 18th and 19th century Brittany. Special mention for the library and its thousands of bindings.
The park, designed by Achille Duchêne, landscape designer of Vaux le Vicomte, houses an incredible vaulted bower of 2.5 km. Among the longest in France, it is the charming asset of this French garden classified as a Remarkable Garden.


Chateau de Kergrist

An estate in the heart of the Leguer Valley

At the end of its long driveway, the castle of Kergrist, with its octagonal tower and its facades listed as Historic Monuments, has that charm of beautiful family homes that have evolved over time.

After visiting the seigneurial apartments, harboring some treasures such as woodwork from Beauport Abbey and master paintings, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the Léguer Valley from the terrace garden. A 9 km walk will lead you through the woods to the chapel of the domain, then to its old mill. Finally, following the Léguer River dotted with granite boulders, you will reach… the castle of Tonquédec, on the opposite bank!


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