Terrasse de café à TrébeurdenTerrasse de café à Trébeurden
©Terrasse de café à Trébeurden|Alexandre Lamoureux
Speaking Breton in the bistroKomzit brezhoneg en ostaleri

Speaking Breton in the bistro

The Breton language is honored on the Pink Granite Coast… A desire to soak up Breton culture, have fun, with Ti ar Vro and the distillery Warenghem, and learn the Breton expressions you need to be aware of when you enter a bistro in Brittany.

Enter the bistro

Mont e-barzh

Salud deoc’h tudoù!
Hello to you good people!

Demat says!”
Hello to you!

Penaos ‘mañ kont ganeoc’h?
How are you?

Derc’hel da vont, ha ganit?
It goes on, what about you?

Pa vez leun e gof ‘vez ront! N’eus ket da glemm!
When the belly is full it is round! There’s nothing to complain about!

Hag a never er bourk?
What’s new in the town?

O pas kalz tra, traoù kozh tout!
Oh not much, only old things!!

Call for a drink

Goulenn da evañ

Ur bannac’h ‘po?
Will you have a shot to drink?

O, ya gant plijadur!!
Oh, yes with pleasure!?

Petra ‘po da evañ neuze?
What will you have to drink then?

Lak ur werennad gwin din, mar plij.
Give me a glass of wine, please.

Evel kustum?
As usual?

Ya, evel kustum, ur bannac’h gwin gwenn, mar plij.
Yes, as usual, a glass of white wine, please.

Start the conversation

Kaozioù a bep seurt

Brav an amzer, hañ?
It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?

Ya va’t! A’i eo an hañv!”
Yes of course! Summer is here!

Pelec’h emañ ar privezioù mar plij?
Where is the restroom please?

E penn an trepas a-gleiz pe e foñs ar jardin ma n’out ket evit gortoz!
At the end of the hallway on the left or at the bottom of the garden if you can’t wait!

Petra ‘out e soñj d’ober evit an noz?
What do you think you’ll be doing tonight?

Oaran ket kaer, bez e vo ur fest-noz vras brem’son. Marteze ec’h in d’ober un tamm tro, ha te?
I’m not sure, there will be a big fest-noz later on. Maybe I’ll go for a little ride, and you?

Me ne vin ket pell da vont gousket, skuizh-marv on.
I won’t be long to go to bed, I’m exhausted.

bier melen: blonde beer
bier gwenn:white beer
bier rous : red beer
gwin ruz: red wine
gwin gwenn: white wine

dour-pik:sparkling water
hini-kreñv / kalva / gwin-ardant: calvados
wiski / wiske: whisky / whiskey
chistr: cider
digor-kalon: an aperitif


Here’s to you!

Yec’hed mat!!

Yec’hed mat says!
Here’s to you, here’s to you!

Yec’hed mat d’an holl, hemañ zo’ vont da goll!
Good health to all, this one goes to waste!

Yec’hed d’ho kostezioù!!
Here’s to your good health!



Serret e vo an davarn a-benn pemp munutenn!
The bistro will close in five minutes!

Pegement eo an taol?
How much is the shot?

Daouzek euro hag hanter-kant.
Douze euros fifty.

Ha! Izel eo an dour ganin! Gallout a rafen paeañ warc’hoazh?
Ah! I’m broke! Could I pay tomorrow?

N’eus ket ezhomm, un ti-bank a zo e-tal an ostaleri!!
No need, there’s a bank in front of the bar!

Hag ec’h an diouzhtu!!
I’ll go there right away!

Counting in Breton
1 unan, 2 daou, 3 tri, 4 pevar, 5 pemp, 6 c’hwec’h, 7 seizh, 8 eizh, 9 nav, 10 dek, 11 unnek, 12 daouzek, 13 trizek, 14 pevarzek, 14 pemzek, 15 c’hwezek, 16 seitek, 18 triwec’h (3-6), 19 naontek
20 ugent, 30 tregont, 40 daou-ugent (2-20), 50 hanter-kant (half-100), 60 tri-ugent (3-20), 70 dek ha tri-ugent (10 and 3-20), 80 pevar-ugent (4-20), 90 dek ha pevar-ugent (10 and 4-20), 100 kant.