Fest-Noz Interlycées 2018 Mezv DallFest-Noz Interlycées 2018 Mezv Dall
©Fest-Noz Interlycées 2018 Mezv Dall|Myriam Jegat
Immersion in the heart of the fest-noz100% Breizh atmosphere

My first Fest-noz

Brittany, its magical landscapes, its kouign-amann, its bilingual signs… and its festoù-noz! Impossible to finish our week of vacations on the Pink Granite Coast without living from the inside one of these “night parties”, registered in the intangible cultural heritage of the humanity. So on this Friday of the end of summer, direction the quays of Lannion for a marathon of wild dances in the heart of the fest-noz of Tardives.

The Call of the Breton Dance

The first notes of the ringers ring out, seemingly calling dancers across town. Small groups merrily approach the stage and floor. Children, parents, elders, all generations are there. Not a Breton headdress or vest on the horizon, barely a few sailors… We’re far from the folkloric show!

The ringers kick off the dance

Biniou and bombarde intone a rhythmic, repetitive tune. The dancers begin arm in arm and pounding the floor: “it’s a plinn,” is heard in the crowd.

La buvette, neuralgic center of the fest-noz

From our side, we settle down at the buvette, just to feel the atmosphere. A beer of a local microbrewery in the hand, we talk about everything and nothing while observing the show. It’s amazing to see everyone mingling and dancing with the same movement! You can quickly spot the insiders, who don’t hesitate to open their arms to the beginners to let them into the dance and share a piece of their culture.

Plinn, gavotte, fisel: enter in the dance!

Emported by the rhythm and the good child atmosphere, we venture with the girlfriends in the human chain. The guys them prefer to remain with the counter. The arms well wedged under those of my neighbors, I let myself carry by the movement, concentrating only on my feet. One-two, one-two-three, one-two, one-two-three… I close my eyes, guided by the bouncing of the floor.

Immersion in the heart of Breton culture

After a few an-dro (the famous chain holding each other’s little fingers) and hanter-dro, the ringers give way to a group of young people. Next to the diatonic accordion and the wooden transverse flute, sax, guitar and drums mingle with the traditional tunes in a rock and festive tone. Gavottes and circus circles follow each other in a joyful intergenerational mishmash. We even manage to lure the guys into a wild scottish!

A festive moment of sharing

Our steps are not very academic, but what an incredible feeling to be carried by the music and the enthusiasm of the dancers all around us. A human experience apart and full of energy, which we will remember for a long time!

It’s not that complicated. And even better than a step session!

An experience

100% Breizh

all year round

Some tips for fest-noz neophytes

Don’t hesitate to get started! In fest-noz, regulars usually have as much fun sharing their culture as they do dancing with good partners.

  • The dances are fairly repetitive, so you’ll have plenty of time to watch the moves before entering the circle or chain.
  • When you decide to enter the dance, ideally arrange to have a woman on the left and a man on the right. This will avoid splitting up a couple!”

  • Afterwards, it’s best to let yourself be guided! Leave your arms loose enough and focus on the rhythm of your feet.

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